Filipino Food Truck ‘Señor Sisig’ Making Waves in California

With six food trucks and now a brick-and-mortar restaurant, ‘Señor Sisig’, a famous food truck roaming the streets of San Francisco that features Filipino fusion cuisine, is definitely stealing the hearts of the citizens in the Bay Area.

Evan Kidera and Gil Payumo co-founded ‘Señor Sisig’ in 2010 during the time when the California food truck scene was just starting to bloom. They used the ‘sisig’ recipe of Gil’s father but made it meatier.

‘Sisig’ is a dish made from chopped pig head and chicken liver.

The food truck

It was also the time that Thai, Vietnamese, and Korean food are booming in the area and Filipino cuisine is just beginning to make a name for itself.

food on a table

Photo Credit: Senor Sisig

The business partners also decided to present ‘sisig’ in a format that is more familiar to non-Filipinos—on tacos, in burritos, atop nachos—so they will not be intimidated by its unique flavor.

There are, currently, five food trucks roaming the town or parked at events. In case of a problem, a sixth truck is waiting at the wings, serving as a backup.

Now, the pair is working on opening its first ‘Señor Sisig’ restaurant.

The restaurant

The opening of the restaurant will provide permanence and new challenges, Evan shared. The restaurant’s menu closely follows that of the food truck but will also include beer and wine, making the ‘sisig’ experience more authentic, as ‘sisig’ is best enjoyed in the Philippines as a ‘pulutan’ or drinking food.

Sisig on plates

Photo Credit: Senor Sisig

The restaurant will be located at 990 Valencia street, in an area with a parklet and a back patio where diners can enjoy basking in the sunshine.

Evan said that it took them a while before they were able to find a location that suits their brand. However, he said that ‘Señor Sisig’ is a food truck and will always be a food truck. The restaurant, he added, was just an extension of what they have already built.

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