Former PBB Housemate Finds Success As Owner Of Maxi Mango

If you haven’t tried Maxi Mango, then you’re missing out. This delicious soft serve ice cream was originally from Davao, but has now expanded all over the country. Millennial entrepreneurs, Miki and her husband Ivan Velasquez started this mango craze in 2017.

Former PBB Housemate Finds Success As Owner Of Maxi Mango
Screengrab: SM Watch via Youtube

Miki shared that when they started Maxi Mango, they were truly overwhelmed with the support. At that time, there was a long queue of people lining up to have a taste of the refreshing mango treat. Since then, Miki said they haven’t stopped innovating and improving their business.

She said in a report on ABS-CBN, “It’s surreal. Just when you think na parang, that’s it, wala nang ikakaganda, something else happens. It just keeps getting better.”

Before she became an entrepreneur, Miki was inside ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother house as a teen housemate in 2006 where Kim Chiu was named the winner.

According to Miki, she and her husband came up with Maxi Mango with the thought of offering a product that represents the Filipino people. Mango came into their mind because it was easy to find, and had the lowest cost.

Former PBB Housemate Finds Success As Owner Of Maxi Mango
Image by Maxi Mango via Facebook

She said, “We decided to focus on just mango so it’s something na Filipino talaga. It had the lowest cost and at the same time, we thought everybody loves mango float.”

When they expanded to Manila, Miki said it was very challenging. She described it as a “really expensive risk,” which eventually worked out for them. Since then, Maxi Mango has expanded and reached many more Filipinos in the Philippines.

In a report from Cosmo PH, Miki shared that being an entrepreneur has its own advantages and disadvantages. She said they get to manage their own time and decisions are easy to make since they are the sole proprietors. On the other hand, there are times when they have to be away from their children.

Miki said her business advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to be brave, determined, and believe in your product.

“Dapat panindigan mo. Believe in your product. And if you know other entrepreneurs or businessmen and you get the opportunity to speak to them, take everything that you possibly can. I learned so much from them,” she said.

If you’re interested in starting your own business, you can try franchising Maxi Mango.

You can watch the success story of Max Mango via SM Watch’s YouTube:

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