Former Working Students, Now CEOs of Skin Care Brand Earning P1M a Month

The rags-to-riches stories of two successful businessmen inspired many aspiring entrepreneurs to continue persevering towards their dreams. Ralph Lim used to be a working student while Michael Almazan also didn’t grow up in a rich household. However, they rose from their struggles to become millionaire CEOs of the skin care brand, Beauty and U International.

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Screengrab: Pera Paraan via Facebook

Their humble beginnings

Born as the youngest among four siblings, Ralph used to live a comfortable life. Things took a turn when their father died. The family struggled to make ends meet and it pained Ralph to see his mother with no money at all. Like any responsible child, Ralph decided to become a working student to help. It also helped a lot that he qualified to become a scholar.

“Ang hirap talaga, wala talagang pera eh,” Ralph shared on GMA’s Pera Paraan.

All his hardwork paid off when Ralph graduated as cum laude. He recalled telling his mother, “Eto yung gusto ko makita ng mom ko, na kahit mahirap tayo  walang imposible. Basta nagsisikap ka, may purpose ka, may goal”.

Like Ralph, Michael also understood how difficult it was to earn money at a young age. While studying, Michael enjoyed offering product brochures to his friends hoping they would buy. Fortunately, Michael also became a scholar that paid not only his tuition fees but also provided for his allowance.

Business partners

Skin care
Image by Ralph Lim via Facebook

Michael and Ralph’s lives were probably really meant to cross. After working for 10 years as an employee, Michael decided to become business partners with Ralph. Their first venture was a milk tea shop but got affected due to the pandemic.

Ralph’s acne was actually a blessing in disguise for them. While looking for the perfect skin care to treat his acne, they stumbled upon a product that they decided to invest on. This paved the way to their skin care brand, Beauty & U International (BAU).

Beauty & U International Skin Care

Ralph and Michael launch their skin care brand in September 2020. After a year, it had expanded successfully with a huge number of followers, resellers and customers.

skin care
Image by Ralph Lim via Facebook

Their investment was pretty big at P500,000 to P700,000 but it eventually paid off. According to the entrepreneurs, they earn over P1 million every month.

As their business is growing, the entrepreneur partners are glad they could provide jobs to others. According to Ralph, the best part of their business is they get to share the opportunity to earn with others in need. After knowing the feeling of being retrenched from work, Michael too wanted to provide jobs.

Ralph and Michael’s story is another reminder at how important it is to pay it forward when you have reached business success.

Sally Mae
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