How to Franchise Krispy Kreme in the Philippines

There are plenty of donut brands available in the Philippines but Krispy Kreme is certainly one of the top favorites; although it is not yet available in many parts of the country and is mostly found in the big cities.

But with the brand becoming quite popular as a ‘pasalubong’ item and even as a place to hang out for delicious donuts and coffee, a lot are wondering how they can franchise Krispy Kreme and bring these yummy treats nearer to their homes.

Factors to Consider

If you wish to franchise Krispy Kreme, an American brand, be aware of the following factors:

  • Franchise fees are in dollars
  • Costs of importing ingredients
  • Costs of labor for construction and operations
  • Costs of land rental or acquisition
  • Costs of building the store
How to Franchise Krispy Kreme in the Philippines
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How Much Will it Cost to Franchise Krispy Kreme?

Depending on the type of store and the products you are planning to sell, franchise costs for Krispy Kreme can be anywhere from $10,000 for the kiosk and fresh shop to $25,000 for the flagship factory store (Php498,000 to Php1,245,000). But that is only the franchise fee.

There’s also a royalty fee of 4.5% and an advertising fee of 5%.

The estimated total investment for a Krispy Kreme store is anywhere from $275,000 to $1,911,250 (Php13,695,000 to Php95,180,250). While that price is quite high for a donut shop, return on investment (ROI) is quite good, especially if you choose and excellent spot where there would be high foot traffic to your store and many interested customers will be hanging out.

How to Franchise Krispy Kreme?

  1. Apply at the website []
  2. If you can’t access the website or prefer to directly contact the brand, use the following contact information:

Krispy Kreme
Mr. Jimmy Fuentebella, Chairman
Ms. Veronica Bejasa, Business Development Associate
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 784-9000 loc 1502 or 1409

  1. An agent will be in touch with you and assist you in opening the franchise.
  2. Pay the franchise fees.

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