Franchising Eastern Petroleum Gas Station

Eastern Petroleum Gas Station is among the major players in the Philippine oil industry, providing customers with ‘greener’ products that they claim to be due to the supposedly high refining standards used in production.

Competing in the retail sector but also catering to the needs of B2B companies in industries such as logistics, shipping, and construction, the company has a network of over 36 branches across the Philippines that are supported by a depot with a 5-million liter capacity.

Franchising Eastern Petroleum Gas Station
Photo credit: CEphoto / Uwe Aranas

Eastern Petroleum Gas Station sells the following products:

  • Fuel Products
  1. Diesel Pro
  2. Diesel Pro Euro 4 (Euro 4 Compliant Diesel)
  3. Green Unleaded Gasoline
  4. Intensity Premium Gasoline
  • Lubricant Products
  1. 2T Speed Motor Oil (for 2 Stroke Engines)
  2. Brake and Clutch Fluid (for Brakes and Clutches of Vehicles)
  3. Formax Motor Oil (for 4 stroke Motorcycles)
  4. HD Speed Motor Oil (for Automotive Diesel Engines)
  5. Supremo Motor Oil (for Gasoline Engines)
  6. XE Speed Motor Oil (for High Output Automotive Diesel Engines)
  • Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)

How to Franchise Eastern Petroleum Gas Station

  • Franchise fee: Php250,000 for a full franchise of Eastern Petroleum gas station

Take note that due to additional costs depending on what type of station you choose, the total investment could reach to:

  • Php2,000,000 for a Basic Station (1 or 2 islands and 2 pumps)
  • Php5,000,000 for a Regular Station (2 islands and 3-4 pumps)
  • Php8,000,000 for a Large Station (3 islands and at least 5 pumps)
Franchising Eastern Petroleum Gas Station
Photo credit: Pilipino Mirror

The basic franchise package already includes the following:

  • Civil and mechanical works (gasoline station canopy, underground tanks and pumps)
  • Inclusion in the advertising program
  • Initial set of training of manager and staff
  • Marketing materials and paraphernalia
  • Marketing study and vehicle count
  • Operation and marketing manuals
  • Training and price updates
  • Use of registered trademarks and logo

Because the franchise is a gas station, the company requires the following:

  • Frontage should be 25 meters and above
  • Lot should be at least 400 sq. meters and above
  • Should be at least 10 meters away from any creek
  • Should not be affected by flood during heavy rains or typhoon
  • Site must be in rectangular, square or L-shape
  • Streets near the site must not experience heavy traffic throughout the day

To franchise, send a message to the following channels:

Eastern Petroleum Corporation

7th Floor Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower, 2210

Don Chino Rocess Avenue, Makati City, Philippines

Trunk Lines: (02) 817-6421, (02) 817-6443, (02) 817-6445

Telefax: (02) 817-6445

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