Franchising Mister Donut in the Philippines

Donuts is one of the favorite comfort foods for all ages that never gets out of style – and that means selling donuts is a great option if you are looking for a popular and profitable business to start.

In the Philippines, you will find a lot of donut outlets of various brands – and one of these is Mister Donut.

The brand started in Boston, USA back in 1955 and had made its way to the Philippine market by 1982. Today, it is among the fastest growing brands in the Philippines and has at least 2,000 outlets and stalls all over the country.

Mister Donut offers various types of donuts; though a franchisee can also sell beverages.

The brand is open to new franchisees in all places in the country but does not provide exclusivity – this means that even if there’s already a Mister Donut franchisee in, say, one city or even in the same mall, another franchisee can open another Mister Donut franchise there.

FoxLad at English Wikipedia [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
FoxLad at English Wikipedia [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
For your outlet to have the best chance of a better ROI and more sales, it is advisable to find a spot/location with high foot traffic. This means that Mister Donut works best in the following locations:

  • Public Market
  • Groceries
  • Shopping malls
  • School canteens
  • Public transport terminals
  • Hospitals
  • Churches
  • Offices

Primary Advantages of Mister Donut

Aside from being an established brand, Mister Donut is also a better option compared with similar products in that it offers:

  • Low space requirements (minimum space requirement 4 sq m!)
  • Low franchise fees
  • Simple operations (no cooking and refrigeration necessary)
  • Persistent product advancement
  • Marketing support

Franchise Options:

Budget-Friendly Carts

  • Food Cart size is 2.0M x 2.0M at 2.20M height.
  • Franchise fee is Php 130,737.36

New Cart with Side Counter

  • Food Cart size is 2.0M x 2.0M.
  • Franchise fee is Php 169,771.00

Food Cart Shops

Showcase 1

  • Food Cart size is 1.35M frontage at 2.16M height
  • 100mm size portal and icon elements attached to the food cart.
  • Franchise fee is Php 89,962.47

Showcase 2

  • Food Cart size is 1.60M frontage at 2.16M height.
  • 300mm size portal and icon elements attached to the food cart.
  • Franchise fee is Php 91, 286.00

Showcase 3

  • Full package of new cart design food cart showcase with portal, signage and icon elements.
  • Full back enclosure with mural and poster board.
  • Crates storage
  • Franchise fee is Php 159,671.00

You also have the option to open a Dine-In Shop or Take-Out Shop

To franchise, contact:

  • Customer Hotline: 0917-88MDWOW (0917-886-3969)
  • Telephone No: (02)370-1236
  • Fax No.: (02)376-2233
  • Email:
  • or write:

Franchise Management Department
6/F Ramcar Center, Mister Donut Phils., 80-82 Roces Ave., Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

Source: Franchise Business Philippines