Franchising Shakey’s Pizza Parlor in the Philippines

Shakey’s Pizza Parlor or simply “Shakey’s” is a high-end US pizza restaurant that opened its first store in the Philippines at Makati Avenue near the Rizal Theater back in 1975. With its strong store count of 189 stores, comprised of 114 Company-owned stores and 75 franchised stores, the company is a good choice to franchise.

According to its official website, “Shakey’s target market consists of the A, B, and upper C income class segments that prefer full-dining restaurants over fast-food establishments. Shakey’s attracts families and groups through its meal bundle offerings and party-size portions that are ideal for sharing.

Franchising Shakey’s Pizza Parlor in the Philippines
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With its proven track record, wide array of well-loved products, and one of the best return on investment (ROI) rate, it is no wonder that Shakey’s is a popular option to franchise.

Franchising Shakey’s

Depending on store size, location and other factors, the financial requirement for franchising a Shakey’s restaurant ranges from Php18 million to Php25 million. Take note, however, that this amount does not include the acquisition of the store site.

This investment will cover the following expenses:

  • Construction of the restaurant (interiors and exteriors)
  • Franchise Fee
  • Pre-operating expenses
  • Purchase and installation of kitchen equipment, furniture and fixtures

While the fee might seem high, this is actually fair because the franchise grant is good for 10 years for a specific location. There is also an option to renew the franchise for another 5 years.

Franchising Shakey’s Pizza Parlor in the Philippines
Photo credit: Philippine Daily Inquirer

Application Process

Interested to franchise a Shakey’s restaurant? Send a letter of intent addressed to Mr. Jose Arnold T. Alvero – Planning and Business Development Director, with the following information:

  • Details of the size and frontage of the space
  • Exact location of proposed site
  • Pictures of the actual site
  • Other details that you think would help in the approval of your application

For local franchising inquiry, questions or clarifications should be sent to [email protected] while lease proposal may be sent through their email at [email protected].

Franchising Shakey’s Pizza Parlor in the Philippines
Photo credit: SM Seaside Cebu

For international franchise applications, address your letter of intent to Mr. Marvin Q. Da Silva – Vice President, Shakey’s International Limited.

For international franchising inquiries, clarifications, and applications, send your email to [email protected].

The franchise officers will process your application and contact you for validation. If approved, you will undergo a final review before the franchise is granted.

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