Franchising Space Cleaners, A Start-Up Cleaning Company

With people being so busy these days with building their business or focusing on their careers and family, cleaning up their home and office might be the last thing on their “To Do” List. That’s where Space Cleaners, a start-up cleaning company, comes in.

Established in the late part of 2018, Space Cleaners first catered to Metro Manila and nearby provinces. The idea started when two women entrepreneurs and contractors offered to provide a client with free cleaning services after doing a renovation. Realizing that there’s a market for this kind of business, the two started Space Cleaners.

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The company does not only offer post-construction and post-renovation clean up services, they can also be hired for cleaning up homes, offices, retail spaces, outdoor areas, and others tailor-made to the clients’ needs.

They even offer services to help clients with moving out and moving in. Car interiors, furniture, and other things or spaces may also be cleaned through Space Cleaners.

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Under the brand, there’s also Metro Fairy+. This day maid manpower service allows clients to hire a maid to do certain tasks, with the service offered on a monthly subscription.

There are different packages available, including a four-times-a-month, 3-hour housekeeping service; this includes tasks like babysitting, ironing, cooking, washing clothes, cleaning the house, and other services specified in the contract.

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What makes Spaces Cleaners extra special is that the company provides jobs for former maids, HRM students, working students, undergraduates, underprivileged moms, returning OFWs, and NCII Certificate holders for Housekeeping. This gives them a chance to have a decent income.

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As we continue to promote cleanliness and wellness in Metro Manila, the company has served to be the gap between the underprivileged and the economy builders of our country. Giving an earning opportunity to this group of people are very self-fulfilling and rewarding because we know that we are making something good. A clean home for our patrons and hope to our people,” said a Space Cleaners representative.

Franchising Space Cleaners

Photo credit: Space Cleaners / Facebook

Interested in franchising Space Cleaners? Contact the company for more information through these channels:

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