Fresh Grad Recalls How Selling Tie-Dyed Items Helped Her Finish College

A fresh graduate student looked back at her struggles while finishing her college degree. Anne Desiderata couldn’t help but be thankful at how her tie-dyed business helped her through.

Anne was all smiles as she posed for her graduation photo. She finally finished a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Pamantasan ng Cabuyao.

Anne Desiderata
Image by Anne Desiderata via Facebook

The striving lady shared her inspiring story of grit and perseverance of how she didn’t let poverty get in the way of her education. Like many students, Anne found herself striving to finish college. Her parents were struggling financially and she had to work odd jobs to earn.

While studying, Anne took on side jobs to survive. She did the laundry for money, worked as a portrait artist and student assistant. To buy a new scientific calculator she had to sell things online.

Finally, she launched her shop “Dapit-Hapon.” Anne sells tie-dyed items like bags and shirts, among many others. She is proud to say that all her items are “100% handmade with love.” In photos she shared, the hardworking student can be seen sitting along streets to sell her tie-dyed items.

Anne Desiderata
Image by Anne Desiderata via Facebook

Anne said she never asked her parents to pay for anything because of her tie-dyed business. The working student is also proud that her business has also helped her family’s needs.

In a post, Anne shared how hard her journey was to get her diploma. She said that not everyone is fortunate enough to easily finish their studies. Those who are lucky should not take their education for granted.

“Being able to finish college is a privilege, and I would like to leave a piece of advice to some kids out there. Do not take your study for granted (specially if somebody sacrificed to provide your financial needs), collect great experiences and learn from those,” she wrote in the caption.

Anne went on to encourage others and to remind them that our hardwork is rewarded greatly.

“Do not be afraid to try, learn from your mistakes, and strive for excellence. The whole universe will conspire and meet you there,” she added.

Anne’s story only shows that poverty shouldn’t be a hindrance but a motivation to one’s success.

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