Friends Now Earn Php200,000 a Month with Mobile Cafe Business

After investing Php6,000, a group of friends are now earning around Php200,000 a month with their mobile cafe business. Their story is inspiring many people who falsely think that you need a lot of money to start a business.

Opening a Mobile Café Business

It was during the pandemic that friends Carl Jasper Ardan, Maryvan Abella, and Vincent Calimag thought of starting a business. Because they all love coffee, they decided to open a café.

mobile cafe business
Photo credit: The City Brew

We came up with the name The City Brew kasi yung goal namin as a team hindi lang siya pang-Laoag. Pang-different municipalities, cities, provinces, and of course, makilala dito sa Pilipinas,” Vincent explained.

The friends also decided to design the café in a way that even students could start a business. So, they set it up with just a small capital: Php6,000.

It was a challenge to start the business because Carl was the only one who had a background in business, and none of them ever managed a café.

Friends Now Earn Php200,000 a Month with Mobile Cafe Business
Photo credit: The City Brew

They had to quickly learn the ropes, though that also meant failing a bit when they started.

The friends started their business by just offering cold brew, but their sales plummeted after two weeks. They realized that many people also like hot drinks and varied flavors.

That’s when they decided to add new flavors to their café. Sales picked up. Within just three to five months, they’re now able to see their business’ worth.

On weekdays, they usually sell at least 50 cups a day, while they sell up to 100 cups a day on weekends. During special events, they sell more than 100 cups.

Friends Now Earn Php200,000 a Month with Mobile Cafe Business
Photo credit: OG

Now that they’re earning Php200,000 a month, the friends admit to thinking about getting their profits. But they decided to reinvest these earnings into another business instead.

Watch their story here:

Starting Your Coffee Business

So many people have successfully opened a coffee business. Some even started a coffee shop just outside their home, another opened in the middle of a rice field, and like The City Brew above, a former IT head opened the Cityboy Brew, which is a mobile coffee shop.

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