From Zero Clients To Building A Successful Wedding Photo & Video Company

From zero to hero—the humble beginnings of Studio28 Creatives Premium Wedding Photo and Video will remind us of how a successful company often starts from small dreams. From a young boy who found passion in photography, Richardson Velasco with Michelle Lopez founded Studio 28, one of the country’s fastest-growing and leading
brands in the wedding photo and video industry.

Now, Studio 28 serves its numerous clients and exceeds their expectations. They offer customized packages and services to couples to make sure all the details of their wedding are captured based on their wants. They have a creative and versatile team that will turn their clients’ ideas into reality. Plus, both Richardson and Michelle are very hands-on with their business to ensure all the details are properly delivered.

Image by Richardson Velasco

But before they went big, they too started with small steps. Like any small dream, Richardson Velasco found his passion when he was gifted with an entry-level DSLR camera by his parents when he was 7 years old. As he grew up, he knew his heart was set on photography. He followed his passion and started as a freelance editor. Coming from a humble family, Richardson had to work hard for everything he had. He saved his earnings to buy his own pro-grade camera and other gear.

The doors of their opportunity opened when Richardson met Michelle, and together they founded their own photography and video studio. Studio 28 was named after their birthdays, Michelle’s on October 20 and Richardson’s on July 28.

Image by Richardson Velasco

Like any budding entrepreneur, their biggest challenge was working with a small budget. But it didn’t dampen their spirits; instead, it fueled them to work harder. Because they didn’t have a fixed capital on hand, they made use of whatever resources they had.

This ingenuity was finally rewarded when they landed their first wedding client. Around 2017, things started to prosper, and they didn’t waste any chance to impress their clients. It was their goal to deliver the necessities, and they made sure they exceeded the expectations of every client they had. They always went above and beyond in their commitment to impress and please their customers. As they gained popularity on social media and received more referrals, they soon had many clients knocking on their door every day.

Image by Studio 28 Creatives

Richardson and Michelle have come a long way! From starting their company with zero capital to becoming a successful wedding photo and video supplier. Starting from the bottom with 0 clients, their schedule is now packed with clients eager for their services.

With all that they’ve been through, the business partners shared that their greatest motivation is to always follow their hearts. It makes a whole lot of difference when you build a business based on something you truly love and enjoy doing. They said, “We love what we do; that’s why we do it.”

Image by Studio 28 Creatives

Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs

Their advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to be brave enough to take the first step towards building their dream business. And even better, you should start early and never be deterred by challenges and difficulties along the way.

They said, “Our advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is that you should start early! Yes, start early. So that you have a lot of time to find out the one that’s perfect for you, don’t be afraid to fail, since failure will be your stepping stone to success.” Truly, an inspiring story of taking small steps towards building a big dream!

Sally Mae
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