GallonTea Develops Face Mask Made for Drinking

Wearing a face mask is part of our society’s new normal and as such, we have to adapt.

And adapt, we shall. This milk tea brand helps us adjust to the new normal after it developed a face mask that makes drinking possible without taking it off. This is extremely helpful especially now that strict laws are in place when it comes to wearing masks in public areas.

Gallontea owner Chase Chianpian said that they saw the struggle of customers when they have their drinks for takeaway. He said that they wanted to give them a safe and easy way of enjoying their favorite drinks while in public.


Image: Facebook/Gallontea

“As we adapt to what we now call everyday life, there are really days that we can’t avoid going out. We rush to do our errands, as fast as possible, but then, we face another dilemma—how to quench our thirst while we’re outside,” Chase shares.

The mask

Gallontea’s masks are the first of its kind in the Philippines that comes with a built-in silicone button allowing big straws to go through the masks, as well as the large tapioca pearls and other sinkers usually found it milk teas.. It has a nose strip wire to fit the face perfectly and a pocket filter where another layer of protection may be inserted. This will make it possible for a person to drink without taking off their masks.


Image: Facebook/Gallontea

Made of three-ply microfiber fabric, Gallontea’s masks are washable and reusable. A minimum purchase worth P1,000 placed through their Facebook or Instagram pages from August 14 to 16 comes with a free mask.

“We are also limiting the promo to deliveries only to encourage everyone to stay home,” the Gallontea owner explains.

For Chase, although the pandemic has been rough for businesses like theirs, creativity will enable anyone to rise above any challenges.

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