Entrepreneur Shares How Gift Wrap & Prints Business Can Earn 6-Digit Profit

They often say that Filipinos have the longest Christmas season in the world. We have many reasons to celebrate, and one of them is gifts! No wonder, a gift wrapping business in the Philippines is a lucrative business idea. In an episode of GMA’s Pera Paraan, an entrepreneur shared how she started her gift wrapping and printing business and how it became successful, earning 6-digit figures monthly during peak season.

Entrepreneur Shares How Gift Wrap & Prints Business Can Earn 6-Digit Profit
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Gift wrapping is a skill that not everyone possesses but that everyone needs. That’s why many people pay for gift wrapping services because the presentation of their gift will also speak about them. This was probably in the mind of Giselle Ling, the owner of Wrap Up- Personalized Gifts and Prints. She wanted gift wrappers that reflected the giver. Thus, Giselle came up with personalized gift wrappers and other prints!

To get started in this business, you need a computer and lots of creativity. According to Giselle, start with a template to make your prints easy to make. If you’re into designing and drawing, so much better! When you’re done with the design, you start printing and cutting to make wrappers, money envelopes, boxes, and more gift wrapping ideas. According to Giselle, you can sell personalized envelopes, paper bags, and others from a range of P40 to P215.

Giselle shared that she launched Wrap Up in 2016 as an online business. As an information technology expert, Giselle was interested in graphic design. It’s one of those success stories of how entrepreneurs turned their hobbies into lucrative business ventures.

“Actually, noong grade school or high school pa lang, mahilig na ako sa Photoshop. Gumagawa ako ng iba’t-ibang designs, so pag yung pamilya ko may mga events, ako yung pinapagawa nila ng invitation or posters. So, naisip kong gawin yung Wrap Up and also mahilig rin kasi ako magbigay ng mga gifts,” she shared.

Entrepreneur Shares How Gift Wrap & Prints Business Can Earn 6-Digit Profit
Image by Wrap Up via Facebook

Things just became easier for her because her older brother owns a printing shop. Giselle explained that you don’t need much money to run a gift wrapping business. “Wala rin talaga akong nilabas na pera kasi kung may nag-order, tsaka ko lang siya ipapa-print. So, yung gagamitin ko lang pambayad, yung binayad lang rin ng customer,” she explained.

For the first few years, she was alone in running her business. Soon, she followed the advice of her older brother and hired more graphic designers so she could expand her business. Everything was all worth it! Now, Wrap Up is a successful gift wrapping business that earns a 6-digit profit, especially during peak season.

Giselle’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to work hard and learn every day. “Basta ‘di ka naman lugi, work hard everyday. Ituloy mo lang. Make some small improvements every day. In time, yung small business mo will be bigger than you thought it would be,” Giselle said.

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