Why Good Photography Is Essential For Your Business

Good photography has become more crucial today for businesses than it ever did in the past.

These days, visual communication plays a heavy role not only in printing marketing materials but even for online advertising and social media marketing. Likewise, quality photos are important in creating a catchy website.

In an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, CPA turned photojournalist Rem Zamora expounded how photography can help businesses deliver the right messages to their target market.

According to him, entrepreneurs and marketers should at least learn basic principles of photography in order to be effective in it.

Photo credit: PicJumbo
Photo credit: PicJumbo

“We are a visual society. More so today where social media is part of our daily lives. If we look at our social media streams, the majority are visuals and text is very minimal,” Zamora points out. “Photography is a visual way of communicating. And for us to effectively communicate visually, learning the basics of photography is vital before we venture in more advanced techniques.”

Indeed, pictures are everywhere nowadays from tarpaulins, billboards, flyers, and everything else. To have the best photos, your choices would be to purchase stock photos, hire a photographer or, as mentioned above, train yourself.

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words,” Zamora continues. “And it communicates faster than words. Magazines, newspapers and advertising materials use the visual language because by using effective techniques, your audience can grasp your message faster.”

In short, effective visual communication reaches people quicker than a page full of text.

Make no mistake about it though as Zamora points out that readers will always want to know the “why” of a picture.

Photo credit: Pixabay
Photo credit: Pixabay

He said that people would usually ask “Why is this photo interesting? Why should I spend time looking and analyzing this photo? Why should I look at this particular image over the other thousands over the Internet? How important is a photograph in conveying a message?”

Your choice of picture then should match the message you are trying to relay.

“A photograph does not only delight your visual experience but it can be a powerful medium to make you think, ponder, affect, and even move you to action,” concludes Zamora.

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