Gorgeous ‘Gulay Girl’ Works Hard to Help Parents Earn a Living

Recently, another gorgeous young lady has captured the hearts of countless netizens on social media after her photos were shared on Facebook wherein she was compared with Liza Soberano, a popular young actress on the Kapamilya Network.

According to RachFeed, the post had gone viral because netizens believed that it was a rare thing these days to find physically attractive people doing manual, difficult jobs as they can often find other, easier ways to earn a living.

gulay girl
Photo credit: Kami ang Batang Gapo / Facebook

After the girl’s photos went viral on Facebook, the admins of ‘Kami ang Batang Gapo’ Facebook page looked for her in Gordon hts, Olongapo where she was reportedly spotted. There, they learned that the young girl’s name is Marian and that she’d be turning 13 years old this month.

At her age, she’s still in Grade 4 as she had to quit school at times to help her parents earn a living. Every morning, she wakes up early so she could sell the vegetables starting 6 AM until around 12 noon when most or all of her goods are sold out.

According to the post, the family lives at the far end of Gordon hts which is already at a mountainous area and had to walk about 1 hour down the rough terrain to reach town. Being the eldest of 6 children, Marian had to sacrifice her studies and help her parents sell vegetables to earn money for the family.

gulay girl
Photo credit: Kami ang Batang Gapo / Facebook

A lot of netizens believe that she and her family should receive help from the government so that she could continue her studies and have a chance at a better future than just selling vegetables as an ambulant vendor.

Still, Marian is a good example of how poor kids are helping out their parents earn money through honest ways rather than finding the easy way out in selling illegal drugs!

Joy Adalia

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