Hardworking Mom with Different Jobs Now Earns P20K a Day

You reap what you sow. If you plant patience, determination, and focus, you will soon enjoy the fruits of success. Such is the story of Mayette Corcuera, a mother of four, who was able to establish her own store after facing a lot of challenges.

Back in their barrio in Tarlac, she used to sell vegetables to put food on the table.

“I used to go around our barrio to sell fish, vegetables, and fruits. Our situation even forced me to borrow P2,000 from an informal lender, called Bombay 5-6 so that I have enough capital to start a business and buy a bicycle,” Mayette shares.

Mayette Corcuera

Image: Maria Corcuera/Manila Bulletin

From the proceeds of the loan, Mayette bought a bicycle which she used in selling.

Aside from that, the hardworking mom took other jobs to augment the family’s income. She sold drinks in a public school in the morning. Come evening, she will sell balut.

“I sell items wherever I go, whether it be a fiesta or graduation, so I can feed my family. Maybe, this is why the Lord has blessed me,” Mayette says.

Reaping the fruits

Through her hard work and determination, she was able to put up her own business. Aside from owning a vegetable stall, she also has a grocery store. In total, both of these businesses earn her P20,000 a day.

Because of this success, she was able to send her children to school, who each became successful in their chosen fields. One became a public-school teacher, two became nurses, and the fourth one was able to establish a business.

Eventually, she was also able to pay off all her loans.

“Magtiyaga lang po tayo sa hirap at ginhawa. ‘Wag mahiyang magtinda kahit saan, walang masama roon,” she explains.

Paying it forward, she offers free meals to other people and distributes face masks.

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