Heart Evangelista Encourages Young People To Invest In Real Estate Properties

Heart Evangelista shared her thoughts on investing, particularly for young people who are still considering which investments are the best. While it may be hard to believe because Heart is known for jewelry and luxurious items, she says jewelry is not the best investment. Instead, she encourages everyone to look into investing in a good real estate property.

Heart Evangelista Encourages Young People To Invest In Real Estate Properties
Image by Heart Evangelista via Facebook

Heart explained that despite her love for designer goods, she always considers if their values are worth investing in. She explained in an article on FreebieMNL by Jimpy Anarcon, “Every time, even if it’s just a shirt or shoes or bags, I wouldn’t just buy because it’s a trend, I wouldn’t just buy because it’s pretty or it’s cute… I think about it what if I—in Jesus’ name—kapag kailangan ko ng money, mabebenta ko ba siya double the price? I always think if it’s gonna be more expensive, mag-up yung value niya.” [If I need money, can sell this for double its price?]

In another article on GMA, Heart explained that jewelry may not be a good investment unless you are assured that it can appreciate over time. She said, “If it’s really expensive and I know it’s not a good investment, I don’t buy it. But if it’s something that you know you’ll use till you’re old, then I’ll put money into that. I’ll save up for it.”

Instead, Heart encourages people, particularly young people, to begin investing in their first home or any real estate property. While it may seem scary since it’s such a huge investment, she said it’s best to seek the advice of mentors and reputable real estate companies that can help you choose a property suitable for you.

“Kumbaga, huwag kayo masisindak. You’re not stupid; you deserve to have knowledge and educate yourself, and it’s never impossible to have big dreams. Everything is possible right now, you just have to ask, and you’ll know the steps. Because yun yung una, e, that’s the first dream,” she said. [Don’t be scared because owning a property is our first dream.]

No wonder Heart invested in a luxurious Balinese-inspired hotel in Boracay. It was the fulfillment of her dream and a good investment. Smart investment decision, indeed!

Sally Mae