How A Former Office Staff Turned P2,500 Into A Cosmetic Manufacturing Company

They say that if you want to make it big in life, you have to dream big as well. A former office staff shared the inspiring story of how she became the CEO of her own cosmetics manufacturing company.

Back in 2017, Diana Lyn Bautista was an office staff earning a salary of P10,000. Even with a decent job, she recalled that her salary wasn’t enough and she had to live paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet.

Image by Diana Lyn Bautista

Because of her interest in cosmetics, she thought of venturing into the cosmetics business. She thought of rebranding some items. At that time, the idea wasn’t that big yet. Only a few manufacturing companies were willing to let their products be rebranded.

Determined to succeed, Diana Lyn decided to risk her P2500 to purchase 70 pieces of lip tint.

When she was able to sell all her lip tints, she invested in purchasing more products. It was then that Diana Lyn realized that there’s a huge opportunity for business in rebranding cosmetic products. Many were interested to start their own cosmetic line but only had little capital.

Diana Lyn took this opportunity and started to offer rebranding business at no minimum purchase. It was a good way to help those who were interested in starting a business with little capital.

Her business strategy worked as Diana Lyn successfully launched her DCosmetics and Skin Care Manufacturing in 2018.

Diana Lyn admitted it was risky but she studied and worked hard. She also sought the help of a professional to help her in building her business.

How A Former Office Staff Turned P2,500 Into A Cosmetic Manufacturing Company
Image by Diana Lyn Bautista

By 2019, her cosmetic manufacturing company expanded and she needed to hire more staff.

Now, DCosmetics and Skin Care Manufacturing has become a successful company helping other aspiring entrepreneurs. According to Diana Lyn, she is determined to keep her “no minimum purchase” policy so it’s easier for others to get started.

According to her, she wants her story to become an inspiration to other aspiring entrepreneurs.  Diana Lyn’s story is another reminder of the importance of studying and understanding the market first before venturing into business. It also reminds us how crucial it is to have a goal and a good business strategy if you want your business to be unique from other competitors. Coming up with discounts, easier payment schemes, a good business model, and strategic marketing strategies are just some of the things you must consider when trying to build a good business.

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