How A Pinoy-Style Mango Sticky Rice Business Earns P10K A Day

Thailand’s favorite mango sticky rice is now becoming a Pinoy favorite too! Gerardo Pineda of Master Gerry’s Goodies shared how they got creative and gave mango sticky rice its own Pinoy twist.

How A Pinoy-Style Mango Sticky Rice Business Earns P10K A Day
Screengrab: GMA via YouTube

According to Gerry, they wanted to reinvent the mango sticky and make it more appealing to Pinoys. He said to make that possible, they used popular Filipino fruits like macapuno, ube, langka, and more.

“Ginawa namin siyang kakaiba, which is yung fruits niya. Then, the color to make it unique, gawin nating ube. Tapos may nilalagay kaming sauce, yung fruity sauce,” he shared on Pera Paraan.

Their first version of Ube MaCango, which is a combination of ube, macapuno and mango, didn’t work out. But they didn’t stop and continued finding more combos that would work out with Pinoys’ taste.

“Trial and error talaga. Pinapatikim talaga namin kung okay na ba sa kanila,” Gerry said.

How A Pinoy-Style Mango Sticky Rice Business Earns P10K A Day
Screengrab: GMA via YouTube

Now, Master Gerry’s Goodies offers sticky rice in ube-langkasoy (Ube rice with langka and cashew nuts), ube-peach mango, and ube-strawberry.

According to Gerry, they started with P3,000 capital until they noticed their income getting bigger. His daughter also posts photos of their delicious mango sticky rice online for promotions. From making 40 orders, now they make more than 50 orders of different samplers everyday. They are earning over P10,000 in a day.

Fruits are also a great business idea because Pinoys enjoy eating them. For more inspiring stories, you can read how a former flight attendant started selling avocados.

How To Make Mango Sticky Rice

Prepare the ingredients: glutinous rice, coconut milk, white sugar, ube flavocol, and salt.

To cook the glutinous rice, use 1 cup of water per 1 cup of rice. While cooking the rice, start preparing the sauce.

In a pan, pour in the coconut milk, add white sure, ube flavoring and coloring, and bring to a boil. For added flavor, you can add macapuno. Simmer until it thickens and turn off the heat.

Now you can start adding in the cooked glutinous rice to the ube sauce. Mix well, making sure the rice is properly coated with the sauce.

You can now start assembling your mango sticky rice. Start with the rice then add a layer of sliced mango on top. Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds to garnish.

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