How an Aspiring Couple Cashed in on Their Wedding and Made a Million Peso Business

Weddings in the Philippines can be taxing and expensive. It is what the couple, Mr. Daryl Bincal and Mrs. Lyka Bincal, decided to change when they put up their wedding company.

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“While we were looking for a supplier for our wedding, we saw potential in this business [wedding company]. It could be profitable with unlimited potential as there are always weddings held every day. We thought that it could be a lifetime business. We understand the needs of the underserved and wanted to help the couples have the same issues we had. So, we came up with DL Weddings for Less. We can provide practical and complete wedding for as low as 10,000 pesos.”, said Mrs. Bincal.

The struggles they experienced with their wedding preparation, led the couple into establishing the first wedding company in the Philippines, DL Weddings for Less. It was this pioneering idea and new concept that boosted the business into what it is today.

Providing quality service at an affordable price

The core idea behind the whole venture is quality service and affordability. “We provide quality service and legit accredited suppliers. There are many wedding scams out there but with DL Weddings for Less, our clients will no longer have to worry about that. That’s what most of our clients commend about us. We respond quickly and provide excellent customer service.”, Mrs. Bincal said.

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As a matter of fact, the first client of DL Weddings for Less, Jennifer Paraiso, ended with a delighted experience. “First customer kami and yung overall experience was great. We had a very simple wedding, but they made sure na lahat masunod according to our preference pa din. Yung approach nila also is very personal, so comfortable ka to discuss anything with them. They respond to all your queries as soon as they can, and even yung questions mo that are out of their scope, they will still help you get answers. I am sincerely happy and thankful for the great service and highly recommend DL Weddings for Less.”

Zairra Ibarra, one of the DLWFL’s clients, commends the experience as being special. “They made the day so special for us. We loved working with them throughout the planning process and on the [wedding] day itself. Very accommodating, friendly, and professional. Thank you so much DL Weddings for Less.”

Another satisfied client, Myrone Flores Gabay, is quoted, “Thank you so much DL Weddings for Less for giving us the best organizer, coordinators, and suppliers. They respond so fast to all our questions, easy to approach, and most of all, everything was very affordable. More power and God bless!”

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Offering franchising opportunities

Ever since its founding on July 21, 2018, DL Weddings for Less have achieved quite a lineup of milestones within two years. In 2018, the couple landed four wedding preparations while prepping for their wedding. And in the last quarter of 2019, the couple availed for the business expansion of their wedding company through franchise development. They also became a member of the Filipino International Franchise Association within the same year.

When asked why franchising is a big goal for them, they answered, “We offer franchising opportunities because we want to make DL Weddings for Less available nationwide and, hopefully, globally as well. One of the hindrances that we experienced is that we have so many clients, but we couldn’t cater to all of them because we don’t have suppliers in their area. We mostly just do business in nearby areas like Metro Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, and Tagaytay. So, to expand without needing a big capital, we decided to franchise.”

With their new franchise development offer, the couple has also opened doors to not just clients for affordable weddings but for aspiring people as well to earn a lucrative income through the franchise. As a premier wedding company in the Philippines, franchising DL Weddings for Less has unlimited possibilities. The return of investment is fast, and there is no need to worry about inventories and space. They now have franchisee in Boracay, Pampanga and Rizal.

It’s perfect for starting entrepreneurs, especially those who are looking for work-at-home opportunities. With just an initial fee, franchisees will get advanced marketing strategy, aggressive marketing campaign support, long-term business plan, social media boost assistance, financial systems, professional email access, contract templates, legal aid, supplier sourcing, and more. Franchising the business is a win-win venture for entrepreneurs, suppliers, and clients.


Today, the business has booked hundreds of clients and still expanding. From their humble beginnings with just a 9500-peso Google Chromebook as a tool, the business has now ballooned into a thousand folds earning over a million in gross sales.

With their solid line up of satisfied customers, DL Weddings for Less has become a foremost front liner in providing practical and complete wedding solutions. Mrs. Bincal said, “What’s unique about our business is that Daryl and I are also married. We can relate to the feelings, stress, and struggles that our clients have in preparing their weddings. That’s why we easily closed deals and get booked fast. Another thing that keeps as apart from others is that we work as a team. I handle finance management as well as the customer service and Daryl handles the IT part of the business as he is an IT Manager. We are always continuously developing our systems. We are always innovating.”

Just recently, the couple launched a new digital wedding planning portal, which is first in the Philippines as well. Couples can use the portal to plan for their weddings anywhere and anytime.

With these recent developments in their ranks, DL Weddings for Less has turned another page in their pioneering standards as a premier wedding company in the Philippines. With the constant influx of weddings each year but rising prices of commodities and services, more and more people are looking into ways on how to achieve their wedding without poking a hole in their pockets. DL Weddings for Less has now changed the game.

Managing a successful business amid the pandemic

Mass Gatherings are not allowed during the time of pandemic. Bookings of weddings are affected. Many of our booked weddings were postponed, downgraded or even cancelled. Our business survive through offering simple civil weddings which is our initial target market when we have started and also by offering intimate packages that will meet the needs and demands of our clients.

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