How Much Does Atong Ang Earn in e-Sabong?

Atong Ang owns one of platforms legally allowed to operate online sabong or e-sabong. Everyone knows that this earns big money, but did you know that he earns billions every month?

Atong Ang Earns Billions a Month in e-Sabong

Charlie “Atong” Ang amazed everyone after he disclosed that his e-sabong company earns around Php3 billion in commissions every month!

With Lucky 8 Star Quest Inc. being tagged among the online sabong companies possibly behind the disappearances of ‘sabungeros’, Ang was among those called in the senate hearing about the matter. Although not a matter of national concern, the missing sabungeros piqued the senate’s interest after several “rich and powerful” people such as Ang were accused of being part in the controversy.

Some senators called for the suspension of e-sabong licenses, but PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) is against the idea, saying that the government would lose millions in revenue from the online sabong taxes.

Each month, PAGCOR collects as much as Php640 million from e-sabong.

Atong Ang
Photo credit: Senate PRIB / Inquirer

During the senate hearing, Ang admits that they’re receiving as much as Php2 billion worth of bets per day, or a total of around Php60 billion a month. Of this amount, they earn around 5% or as much as Php3 billion per month.

Ang admits that they earn “Php3 billion, more or less, a month.”

But Ang was quick to explain that he doesn’t pocket all that money. Instead, most of it (around Php2.5 billion) goes to their agents. Then, 1% of the commissions also go to the firm’s expenses.

Minus all those expenses, around Php900 million is left.

After learning this, Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon now wants to increase the taxes collected for these firms.

Kung P3 billion ang kinikita ng Lucky 8, baka po payat ang P640 million na sinasabi ng PAGCOR na kanilang income dito sa e-sabong,” he said.

Uulitin ko lang, P3 billion per month even assuming that you incur expenses on this, P640 million per month of revenue by PAGCOR is pittance, is very small compared to the gross income of Lucky 8.

e-Sabong Firms in the Philippines

As of February 23, 2022, there are currently seven e-sabong firms legally allowed to operate in the Philippines:

  • Lucky 8 Star Quest Inc. (owned by Atong Ang)
  • Belvedere Vista Corporation
  • Visayas Cockers Club, Inc
  • Jade Entertainment And Gaming Technologies, Inc.
  • Newin Cockers Alliance Gaming Corporation
  • Philippine Cockfighting International Inc.
  • Golden Buzzer, Inc
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