How to Become a Seller on Lazada

It is said that if you want to be truly financially independent, you should have a business. Of course, there are many factors that would affect how well you run a business and how good the earnings will be, but if you sell on Lazada and other online marketplace options, you can do business and reach more clients using an already established platform.

Selling at Lazada is easy. There are even many options to choose from, particularly with the new marketplace for fresh goods, including fresh meat, seafood, and fruits and vegetables!

Seller Options

There are currently three major seller options available on Lazada.

How to Become a Seller on Lazada
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Marketplace lets anyone, whether individual or corporate, to sell with a 0% commission fee. Only 1 valid ID is required for individual sellers.

LazMall is for registered brand owners or authorized distributors. They only pay a 5% commission when they sell something but will have access to all the tools and marketing products available on Lazada.

Lazada Fresh is a new addition. It is a place where sellers can offer a wide range of fresh items, including fresh meat and seafood, fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen and ready-to-cook meals, and breads and pastries.

How to Become a Seller on Lazada

Step 1. Create a seller account. It is free to sign up on Lazada. You need to input your warehouse or store address for shipping. You must also input your bank information to receive future payments on sales.

Step 2. Add products. Use the seller center to add the products you are selling. Make sure to upload enough pictures and input the product details. There is an option for single or mass/multiple product upload.

Step 3. Manage your store. You can constantly monitor your store’s performance through the seller center. You can also boost sales or check product performance using the tool.

How to Become a Seller on Lazada
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Step 4. Ship your orders. There are many options for you to ship orders at your convenience – whether pick-ups, drop-off points, or Fulfilled by Lazada (FBL).

Step 5. Receive your payment. Once the customer confirms that they received their order, you may begin processing your payment.

You may learn more about selling on Lazada through the interactive Lazada University. Should you have questions or if problems arise, Lazada also offers seller support.

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