How To Franchise Aficionado

The one thing that can make a good impression last is your scent. That is why people are investing on perfumes and colognes that they wear whenever they go out on a date or even just go to a meeting.

This is what Joel Cruz, one of the most successful businessmen in the country banked on when he started creating his homemade perfumes that he would be affordable.

Joel Cruz

Cruz started his dream to start a perfume business in 1999. He did research and came upon Henkel Philippines, which is a company that imports fragrance oils from Germany. The fragrance manager of the company is his neighbor so he got the support and push he needed.

His first stall is in Ever Gotesco Central was called AF, it kicked off his earnings to P25,000 per day. He opened another kiosk at Isetann Recto 2 months later.

Later, he would change the name from AF to Aficionado. By 2013, Aficionado already has 469 stores and half of them are franchises.

PHOTO CREDIT: Aficionado Website

Here are the things you have to know if you want to franchise Aficionado.

Costs and Inclusions

There are three types you can choose from, kiosk, wall shop or cart. Depending on the location that you find, the price will vary. It starts from P288,000 for the cologne kiosk.

Here are the inclusions of the fee:

  • Cologne kiosk
  • Aficionado stickers
  • Tarpaulin standee
  • A three-day management and personnel training
  • Staff uniforms
  • EDT/cologne tester holder
  • Marketing collateral
  • P100,000 worth of assorted aficionado bottled perfumes and colognes

Steps to follow

1. Submit your letter of intent through email.

2. Note that they prefer sites that are in malls and commercial complexes. Make sure you already have a site in mind before you send your letter of intent.

3. Wait for their reply and submit the requirements that they will ask from you. Be prepared to submit your resume along with the site location map of your proposed location.

4. After your requirements are accepted, you’ll have an interview.

5. They will then conduct a site inspection.

6. Upon approval, you’ll sign a Franchise Agreement with a 3 year bond.

Contact details

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: (02) 740-0000

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