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How to Open a BDO Savings Account


Being the largest bank in the Philippines, BDO Unibank or simply ‘BDO’ is among the banks of choice in the country. After all, you can find a branch almost everywhere you go. There are also BDO branches or ATMs in various malls and large business establishments across the country.

If you’re still unsure where to open an account to save money, then you might want to consider choosing BDO for easy accessibility.

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The amount you need to prepare will depend on what type of savings account you are going to open. Here are the savings account options available at BDO, with their corresponding minimum initial deposits:

  • Peso Passbook Savings (with or without ATM)                Php 5,000.00
  • Peso ATM Debit Card (without passbook)                       Php 2,000.00
  • Junior Savers (only for kids 7-12 years old)                   Php 100.00
  • Prime Savers (only for adults 60 years old and above)    Php 2,000.00

Opening an account at BDO is easy.

1. Visit the BDO branch nearest or most convenient to you.

Hint: You’ll find one at any SM mall or other large malls. If unsure, you can use the bank’s branch locator. Click here.

2. Completely fill out the required forms and present your requirements. As with all banks and financial institutions, BDO requires you to provide at least 3 identical specimen signatures on the forms provided.

Savings account requirements:

  • 2 valid IDs and photocopy of them
  • Billing statements or barangay certification (to verify your billing address)
  • 2 copies of a 1×1 photo
  • TIN
  • Birth certificate, if opening Junior Savers and Prime Savers accounts

Pro Tip: It is best to enroll your account to online banking for easy, real-time monitoring. This is especially useful for ATM accounts. You can process the online banking application while opening your account.

3: Pay the minimum initial deposit.

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4. Wait for your account to be activated. Depending on the branch and the type of account you opened, this might take anytime from 2 to 7 banking days.

5. Once you receive your ATM card, immediately nominate a PIN at the nearest machine.

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