How to Pay SSS Contribution Using PRN and GCASH

Did you know that you can pay for your SSS (Social Security System) contribution using GCASH? It’s so easy to do – and you can do everything on your phone!

How to Generate a PRN

In the past, your only option for paying your SSS contributions is going to the nearest SSS office.

Later, they allowed payment via remittance centers, but many members hoped online options will be available to make things easier.

Today, it’s now possible to do that!

But before you can pay, you’ll have to generate a PRN (payment reference number).

Step 1. Make sure that you enroll your account online or through a mobile app.

Click on “Not yet registered with My.SSS?” link at the bottom right of this screen:

Step 2. Once you’re registered, log in to your account.

Step 3. You’ll find a separate tab for PRNs once you’re logged in. You’ll find a record of your PRN payments on this tab. Click “Generate PRN”.

Step 4. You’ll have to enter the details of your payment. Right now, this payment option is only available for OFWs, voluntary, and self-employed members.

Select the applicable period and how much premium contribution you want to pay. The system will automatically generate the total payment you’ll need to make.

The generated PRN contains your total amount due, the due date, reference number, generation date, and other details, such as your SSS number and payor/membership type.

How to Pay SSS Contribution Using GCASH

Now that you have a PRN, you can pay using GCASH.

Step 5. Open your GCASH app. Click “Pay Bills”.

Step 6. Find the icon for “Government” and click “SSS – PRN”.

Step 7. Enter the details from the PRN you generated (include the letters in the PRN code). Double-check the details. Click “Next”.

Step 8. Review the details posted on the screen. If you’re ready to pay, click “Confirm”.

Step 9. GCASH will process your payment. You’ll need to enter the code sent to your mobile phone to complete the payment. If the payment is successful, it will be reflected on your SSS account in real-time.

Step 10. Go back to your SSS online account to check your SSS contribution update.

You can also pay your SSS PESO Fund using GCASH.

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