How To Start a Bacon Jam Business With Less Than P5K Capital

A new business is becoming a booming trend in Baguio City. Bacon jam is a hit business idea you can with a capital of less P5,000.

Myrah Del Rosario of Everything Bacon, Bacon Everything shares the story behind her successful bacon jam business. Even better, she also shows how to make her popular bacon jam.

bacon jam
Image by Bacon Everything, Everything Bacon via Facebook

Bacon jam is such a flexible food. It’s not just as spread on bread and biscuits but you can put it on pastas, pizza, and even rice. It’s a perfect mixture of sweet and savory that you will definitely enjoy.

According to Myrah, her business was inspired with their love for bacon. She and her family love bacon so much that she wanted to elevate it into something new and unique.

“One time, naisipan ko lang maghanap ng bagong recipe na pwedeng gawin sa bacon. Para lang may sometimes different, something na kakaiba. Tapos, nakuha ko yung recipe sa bacon jam,”, Myrah shares on Pera Paraan.

The unlikely combination of maple syrups’ sweet and bacon’s savory taste is a hit. From a capital of less than P5,000, they are now earning over P30,000 a month.

bacon jam
Image by Bacon Everything, Everything Bacon via Facebook

Myrah’s bacon jam is another example of how important innovation is in business. The recipe you’re experimenting in your kitchen could be the next big thing.

How to make bacon jam

The ingredients are white onion, white sugar, spices, maple syrup or honey, water and of course, good quality bacon. To make a bottle of bacon jam, you will need 500 grams of bacon.

Chop the bacon and the onions into small pieces. In a pan you start frying the bacon and add the white onions. Try to use white onions because it is milder and does not leave a bitter taste than the red onions.

Once everything is cooked add water and let everything boil. Let it simmer for about 4 hours until the water has reduced.

After simmerring for 4 hours, add in the spices white sugar and maple syrup. Let it cook. Serve the bacon jam on bread or pasta. Enjoy!

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