How to Start a Human Nature Business for Just Php799

It’s always nice to have some extra cash to spend. There are many different ways to earn extra income; one of these is starting your own business. For as little as Php799, you can become a Human Nature reseller.

Launched in 2007, Human Nature (sometimes called Human Heart Nature for the heart icon between the two words) is a company that offers cosmetic and skincare products as well as items used at home. Touting itself as a pro-poor, pro-environment social enterprise, Human Nature uses locally sourced materials from low-income communities that are provided training for a sustainable system.

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There are two ways to earn income on Human Nature: as MEMBER and as DEALER.

Earning as Human Nature Member

All you need to do is purchase products worth Php799 (net of 15% Member discount, sales tax, and shipping & handling charges) to become a member of Human Nature.

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As MEMBER, you get the standard 15% discount as long as you continually order at least Php800 per month. As you keep your status as active member and purchase more, you will automatically get higher discounts and eventually get upgraded to an ADVOCATE account.

Earning as a Human Nature Dealer

To become a Human Nature dealer, all you need is to purchase Php1,999 worth of products. This is net of the 25% Dealer discount and shipping charges.

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As DEALER, you get a higher discount of 25% which could go up to 30% if you consistently buy more. You have to maintain a regular purchase of Php1,500 per month to keep your Dealer status and enjoy all the benefits.

You can also refer your friends to enjoy 12.5% earnings on all their purchases.

Want to own a hassle-free Human Nature Online Dealer Shop? Just add Php99 for the basic starter kit.

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You can easily share your online store with friends or use online platforms like Shopee to sell Human Nature items 24/7. Human Nature will take care of handling the orders and shipping them to your customers, with their payments credited to your account. The company also takes care of the inventory and website management. It’s really a hassle-free business option for you.

Joy Adalia
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