How to Start an Easy, Hassle-Free Online T-Shirt Printing Business

Selling t-shirts is a lucrative business because practically everyone wears t-shirts! These clothing articles are also popular as a uniform for some businesses or groups as well as during family reunions, school anniversaries, and other special occasions.

While traditional t-shirt printing business does involve significant capital because you’ll have to invest in the equipment and various stuff, there’s an easy, hassle-free way to do it: via!

What’s quite exciting about this kind of business is that you do not have to put up a huge capital to start your business! That’s right. Here’s what you should do:


First, set up an online store with and start looking for customers. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, etc. that you’re accepting orders for t-shirts – and they can customize the designs.

Second, you can create your own t-shirt designs or you can let your customers make their own. Just make sure the design resolution is good.

Third, upload the design/s to so they can give you the price for the printing. Because printing costs depend on the design, you might want to make them check the design first before you give your customers the final price; though the average price is around Php230-250. You can sell the shirts for any price you want; though Php300 is the usual selling price (of course, you can opt for a higher price).

Fourth, confirm the order with your customers, including final t-shirt colors and sizes – and don’t worry because does not impose a limit to orders so you can start selling even if you only need to print one t-shirt!

Lastly, you look for new customers. Now, you ask, “But what about the shirts my customers ordered?” Well, can deliver these directly to your customers so you don’t have anything to worry about after you placed their order on the site.

Screenshot from
Screenshot from

Your customers even transact directly with so you don’t have nothing to worry about – you can sell to anyone in the Philippines, without fear that they will not pay up. You can simply withdraw your accumulated earnings from the store anytime you need the money.

Great way to start a t-shirt business, right?

What’s more, if you want to promote your site but not too sure how to do it on Facebook, not only will they help you manage the ads at no extra cost (but you pay for the ads, of course), they also offer you a Php300 worth of Facebook ad campaign (for new stores only) which is deductible from your profits – but if you don’t sell anything (which we hope won’t happen!), then you don’t to pay for the Php300 ad they put up for you.

What are you waiting for? Start your t-shirt business now at!

Joy Adalia

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