How to Start Your Own Tupperware Business in the Philippines

Tupperware is a famous brand, featuring a line of home products that offer a wide range of options for buyers. Although a bit on the expensive side, Tupperware products still sell well due to their nice styles, durability, and the fact that they come from a well-known brand.

In order to begin selling Tupperware, however, you have to join the local network where you can apply to become a dealer and get products from; you can find the nearest Tupperware branch on their website.

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How to Become a Tupperware Dealer

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Step 1. Visit a branch and bring the following:

  • Any two (2) Valid IDs: Company ID, Passport, TIN, SSS ID or other government-issued ID
  • Proof of Residence (bill)

Step 2. Purchase a Business Consultant Opportunity Kit. The kit contains everything you need to start a business with Tupperware plus other Tupperware brands. The kit could contain the following; though actual contents might vary, depending on the availability of the products in the branch:

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  • * Business Consultant Starter Kit in nice-to-carry designs
  • * Tupperware Brands Earning Opportunity Flyer
  • * Trust Receipt Agreement, a form that documents every transaction you make with your customers
  • * Campaign Brochures
  • * Product Guide
  • 1 pc Tupperware Eco Bottle, 500mL
  • 1 pc Tupperware Bowl, 2.3L
  • 1 pc Ivana Body Mist, 100L
  • 1 pc Colour Collection Lipstick, 4g
  • 1 pc Baby Care Plus+ Powder, 100g
  • 1 pc White Result Hand & Body Lotion, 100mL

Take note that Tupperware does not require a registration fee. If you plan on opening your own Tupperware business in the Philippines, all you need to do is buy the starter kit for Php699. The kit contains products worth over Php2,400.

Photo credit: Tupperware

You also need to make an initial purchase of Php1,000 to get started. But it’s as easy as that – you can begin selling right away.

There is no limit to what you can do to sell Tupperware products. Many dealers have turned to online sites and shopping centers to sell their products or you could start by sharing brochures to your friends.

Joy Adalia
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