How To Utilize The Type Of Learner You Are In Your Business

Different people have their own way of learning things. We learn this while we are studying. Teachers face the challenge to adapt to the learning styles of each of her students.

The learning materials, pace, and even the environment have a great effect on the amount of knowledge each learner gets.

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What is unknown to some, these learning styles are not solely effective on students only. Even business individuals can benefit more if they find out what type of learner they are and utilize it for their business.

Here are the types of learners and how you can use it to your advantage:

Visual learners

About 65% of the population.

Learner Visual

This kind of learner implements images, videos and anything visual so they can understand better. In your business, engage yourself by looking for infographics, videos, or images of what you want to learn. This will help you absorb the information better.

Aural learners

About 30% of the population.

Learner Listen

Aural or the auditory learners absorb more information when they hear sounds, rhythm or music. For your business, subscribe to podcasts of other businesses and speakers in your industry. You can listen to their episodes while you are doing something else.

Verbal learners

About 2.5% – 5% of the population.

Learner Verbal

These kinds of learners absorb more information through speech, writing and reading. For your business, you can read articles and ebooks about the industry or niche where your business is in. You can also subscribe to newsletters of websites that are already established in your field.

Kinesthetic learners

About 2.5% – 5% of the population.

Learner Kinesthetic

These are also called the tactile learners, they learn best by engaging in activities. It is important to them that they are moving around while absorbing information. Business people can invest in attending seminars, group activities and workshops to learn more about their business. Interacting with other people and moving around will help you absorb more information.

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