In Just 2 Weeks, Siblings’ Earn Back ECQ Business’ P5K Capital

To help augment their household income, especially during the implementation of enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), the Calimutan siblings started selling household cleaning products, which they called ‘Quaranclean.’

Twenty-one-year old Pia acts as the communications and sales manager of the business. A Tourism graduate, she used to work as a spa manager, but she stopped because of the ECQ. An incoming Grade 12 student, 19-year-old Miguel, acts as the production and quality control manager while working part-time for a multilevel marketing company. On the other hand, as the advertising manager, incoming Grade 8 student Tobit, 16, created the advertising video for Quaranclean.

Meanwhile, parents Miriam and Al support their children by taking care of the accounting aspect of the business, aside from working for their home-based accounting firm.

Image: Facebook/Quaranclean

Quaranclean started with only P5,000 capital. The Calimutan kids thought of selling household cleaning products because they wanted to offer something that people needs. During the time of ECQ, household cleaning products were selling like hotcakes, along with alcohol and face masks.

So, the siblings started to buy do-it-yourself (DIY) dishwashing liquid kits and watch instructional videos on YouTube. However, they were not satisfied with the end product.

They wanted a high-quality product, just like that of the branded ones, but will be a lot cheaper than those. With the help of Miriam’s friend, who supplies raw materials for soap production, they were able to achieve the right formula for their ideal product that they can offer at a lower price without compromising its quality.

Bumps on the road

Quaranclean had its share of challenges while it was starting. They were only earning small profits at first because they want people to try their products.


Image: Facebook/Quaranclean

By mid-May, they were able to start selling dishwashing liquid. In two weeks, they were able to earn back their P5,000 capital.

They are were able to add baby-friendly liquid laundry detergent and fabric conditioner on their products’ list.

As of this time, Quaranclean products are available for delivery within Rizal and its nearby cities of Quezon City and Marikina. They were hoping to establish an online store for Quaranclean so it can reach more customers.

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