Is It Possible To Earn P100K – P200K Monthly Selling Ube Halaya? Successful Entrepreneurs Share How

Is it really possible to earn as much as P200,000 monthly selling ube halaya? Jan Reniel Bognot and Heidi Diaz of Jinri’s Ube Halaya in San Fernando, Pampanga say it’s possible.

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Heidi revealed that their ube halaya was made from a family secret recipe that has been passed on from one generation to another. She said on Pera Paraan, “Recipe po ng tita namin sa ube halaya. Nagsimula po iyon sa mga ninuno at mga lolo’t lola dito sa Pampanga, hanggang sa napasa at napasa na po sa amin ang recipe ng ube halaya.”

According to Heidi, what sets their ube halaya apart from the rest is that it is made from pure ingredients. It has no added preservatives or food colorings. “Yun po ang hahanap-hanapin mo sa ube halaya namin,” she proudly said.

Heidi shared that they started their ube halaya business during the pandemic in 2020. At that time, Jan Reniel was carpooling in Manila and needed to find another way to earn extra income. With a capital of P3,000, they started making 10 tubs of ube halaya every week. Now, they make as much as 1,000 tubs every week. Furthermore, they earn an average of P100,000 monthly or even P20,000 in peak seasons.

From San Fernando, Pampanga, they have expanded their business to Manila, Rizal, Bulacan, Cavite, and Olongapo. “Kahit nasa bahay lang, kumikita po kami. Nakapag-pundar na rin po kami ng sasakyan, pati mga needs at wants namin,” Heidi said.

Screengrab: GMA via Youtube

Heidi and Jan Reniel’s business story is another proof that there’s money in selling Filipino ‘kakanin’ that we grew up eating. If you’re interested in selling Pinoy favorites, you can get inspiration from the business tips from the founder of Don Benito’s Cassava Cake.

Making Special Ube Halaya

Jan Reniel gave a few tips when making ube halaya. First, he said to try to avoid using ube “gumagayaya” or ube with moist or wet flesh. This makes cooking it longer. Instead, look for ube with dry and deep violet color flesh.

Begin cooking by boiling the ube in water for an hour. Once cooked, put the cubed ube in a grinder to turn into a smooth mixture. Add the other ingredients like condensed milk, white sugar, evaporated milk, and butter to the ube mixture and mix well. Once all the ingredients are appropriately combined, that’s the time you start heating them in a saucepan. Stir continuously until it thickens. Add more butter and cook for two more hours.

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