Istruktura Not Only Beautifies Homes, Hones Young Talents, Too

Istruktura started as a small team in a small garage. Back then, there were only five members of the team offering services such as interior styling and finishing contractor.

“Istruktura is a dream that started in our family’s garage,” explains Peej Tolentino, the man behind the furniture-making business.

“Even with limited resources and manpower, we decided to have this business as a way to give livelihood to our community, and to give decent jobs to artisans. I enjoy managing my business while having a career, at the same time,” he added.

From a group a five, they now have a 20-member-team, most of whom are young people who creates furniture pieces, pottery, paintings, and wire art bending projects.

Peej said that they want to develop young talents and help them improve their skills, especially in designing. Furthermore, he adds that is hoping that his business will grow so he could help his community and provide livelihood.


Image: Facebook/Istruktura

“I know that people in my community in Calumpit, Bulacan are skilled in sewing, basic carpentry, and painting. These skills can be utilized to create Istruktura’s one-of-a-kind pieces,” Peej shares.

The quarantine period

“The start of the quarantine was a struggle, not just for me, but for everyone,” he says.

While everybody took a break, Peej was thinking of ways and came up with ideas to keep his business running. He shares that the business underwent a trial-and-error process until they came up with the idea of providing modular furniture and decorations.

“It’s important for me to keep the business going because there are families I need to help and I have a family to feed,” he explains.


Image: Facebook/Istruktura

During that time, Peej focused on product development and researched on how to further hone the skills of his people.

He is optimistic, as there has been a rising interest in Istruktura’s products, especially the planters, as indoor plants are filling up homes.

“I can see a future bright despite the pandemic. After all, we should bloom where we are planted, and we should find an opportunity in every crisis,” he further said.

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