Jasmine & Anne Curtis Share Tips In Keeping Up With Highs And Lows Of Business

Sisters Jasmine and Anne Curtis-Smith shared some of their experiences managing business amid the challenging times.

Image by Anne Curtis via Facebook

Both sisters are among the growing number of celebrities who have decided to become entrepreneurs. Anne owns the successful BLK Cosmetics brand and the activewear line Recess.

During the pandemic, the cosmetic industry was among those heavily affected. According to Anne, it was a big learning experience for her, and she had to halt many of their business plans.

Jasmine, too, had her fair share of business struggles as she was planning to open a hostel in La Union just when the pandemic broke in 2020. The sisters shared some of their insights on business and how to stay afloat when a crisis happens.

1. Shifting To E-Commerce

Anne recalled that they had to make big changes in their business, and shifting to e-commerce was one of their strategies.

She shared on GMA, “It was a very tough year. I think a lot of businesses really did suffer, especially with no more foot traffic in malls for us. We really had to turn to e-commerce and really rely on that.”

Despite the circumstances, Anne continued to be positive that their plans would continue but at a much later time. She said, “And of course, hold back on collections being launched because it just didn’t feel like the right time.”

Image by Anne Curtis via Facebook

“That’s why I said earlier 2020 was a tough year, but you know, you just have to put all your creative juices that you may have prepared in 2020 and just throw it into the effort for 2021 as everyone starts to begin their new normal,” she shared.

2. Be Open To Experts’ Advice

For Jasmine, among her biggest business learning is to be open to the advice and suggestions of successful entrepreneurs. She said that she’s been through many failed businesses, and now she’s more open to learning to listen and seeking advice from the experts.

She said, “It’s an experimental thing, you know. You won’t always get it right the first try sometimes, especially if you’re starting out with people with the same level of knowledge as you.”

“I think that was the biggest lesson that I’ve learned, na you also have to be open to people who have bigger knowledge or a bigger background in terms of business and operations, planning, (and) financial,” she said.

Jasmine’s advice echoes the same tip given by another celebrity entrepreneur. One of Joel Torre’s business lessons in growing JT’s Manukan Grille was to seek the advice of other successful businessmen.

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