Jeepney Driver’s Son Becomes Millionaire Stock Trader with Lots of FB Fans

Growing up, life wasn’t easy for ‘Akio’ who is the son of jeepney driver and a market vendor but he did not let his financial situation stop him from finding success in life.

While still a student, he knew he had to find ways to earn extra money or he would not be able to go to school. This led to several business ventures, including a food-and-beverage business he called as ‘Sugar Daddy’.

He also became the head of filmmaking at a local studio, he told Entrepreneur PH. But it would be his stint in stock trading that would bring Akio lots of success; though his journey wasn’t easy and he did lose a lot of money in the process.

According to Akio, he began his venture in stock trading back in 2012 when he invested Php10,000 with online brokerage firm COL Financial.

May kaklase ako noon, best friend ko siya, nagpapaunahan kaming magkaroon ng Php1 million,” he revealed. “Sabi ko, hahanap ako ng strategy kung paano ko makukuha yun.

In 2014, he closed his ‘Sugar Daddy’ business. Then, he invested Php100,000 from his earnings as videographer, after getting inspiration from a veteran stock trader who calls himself “Zeefreaks”.

In a day, kumikita siya ng milyon sa loob ng isang stock,” Akio gushed. “Sabi ko, darating yung araw, kaya ko rin ‘to.

He tried to replicated Zeefreaks’ style but ended up losing most of his money. Still excited to grow his money in stocks, he borrowed Php400,000 against his mother’s advice. His mother was right; he ended up losing most of that money as well!

Yet he still didn’t give up. He continued to study about stock trading and created his own strategy to minimize losses while maximizing profits. It was through this that he succeeded.

In 2 years, he was able to turn his fortunes around. Not only did he get back his capital, he actually had it doubled! He told Entrepreneur PH that by the first quarter of 2017, he was already handling a 7-digit portfolio!

He was never ashamed of his background as a lowly jeepney driver’s son, often sharing this with his social media followers – and it served as inspiration to many.

He created Money Growers PH where he shares his experiences in trading in fun, candid ways that appealed to many followers.

Joy Adalia
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