Jobless Mothers In Mindoro Worked Together To Build Successful Tinapa Business

They often say that mothers would do everything for their families. When some mothers in Calapan City, Mindoro, found themselves jobless because of the pandemic, they took fate into their own hands and started a successful tinapa business together. This inspiring story will remind us that being laid off or retrenched from jobs isn’t the end of the world. Many times it means a new beginning to start something big.

Jobless Mothers In Mindoro Worked Together To Build Successful Tinapa Business
Screengrab: GMA via Youtube

Efsie Bandelow of Ilaw ng Agresibong Mangingisda shared the inspiring story of how their community worked together to help provide jobs for unemployed mothers. During the pandemic, many mothers in their community were worried about where to earn money for their needs.

“Kami ay nag-isip ng paraan kung paano kikita ang aming maliit na negosyo. Kung paano kami magkaroon ng pagkain sa lamesa. Naisip namin gamitin ang smoker ng bigay sa amin ng Bureau of Fisheries,” she shared on Pera Paraan.

According to Efsie, they used the unsold fish their husband caught for the day and turned it into tinapa. The capital for every tinapa is P150, and they can sell it for P250 to P300 each. Their tinapa business is a huge success. They were able to help jobless women in their community earn as much as P6,000 monthly.

“Nagsimula kami nung, kami’y mga babae, siyam kami. Kumikita lamang ng P50 kada linggo. Ngayon, ang mga babae namin ay kumikita na ng P6,000 tuwing buwan,” Efsie said.

Efsie added that their group is always ready to welcome other women who need jobs. She said there’s so much opportunity to earn in making tinapa because it’s easy to make and doesn’t need a big capital.

There are other business ideas you can look into, even if you have only a little capital. There are many low cash investment business ideas for housewives you can consider.

Jobless Mothers In Mindoro Worked Together To Build Successful Tinapa Business
Image by Efsie Bandelow via Facebook

How To Make Tinapang Bangus

Prepare the ingredients: salt, water, leaves of kalamansi, star anise, and bangus. This will be for the saturated brine solution where the bangus will be soaked. For seasoning and spices, prepare chili flakes and garlic oil.

Start cleaning the bangus thoroughly. To make the brine, simply mix in salt, leaves of kalamansi, star anise into the water. Soak it into the brine solution for half an hour.

Then, start deboning the bangus. When the bangus no longer has bones, quickly soak it in boiling water. before letting it dry under the sun. Once dry, you can start adding the seasonings and spices to the bangus. You can use a small brush to add garlic oil to the fish. Finally, place the bangus inside the smoker for 2 hours. Now, they are ready to be packed and sold.

You can watch the video from GMA via Youtube:

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