Judy Ann Opens ‘Angrydobo’ Resto in Manila

It all started as a meal that couple Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo could serve to friends who will come over to visit them while they are traveling in Los Angeles. Judy Ann planned on cooking ‘adobo’ that will last for two weeks. They got into a petty fight, and Ryan was sent off to buy all the ingredients needed for the big batch of adobo.

It was almost midnight when Ryan came back. He dumped everything on the counter and went straight to bed. When he woke up the following day, he finds Judy Ann still working at the kitchen and didn’t take a break to sleep.

Though probably, still angry, Judy Ann served her husband a bowl of steaming rice topped with adobo.


The said lover’s quarrel happened almost a decade and a half ago. But this time, Judy Ann opened a restaurant where she is serving the same adobo recipe she cooked while nursing anger.

She called this resto ‘Angrydobo.’

The resto

Located in Taft Avenue in Manila, in front of De La Salle University, ‘Angrydobo’ offers customers a menu that includes special bao, potato fries, nachos, and the star of the kitchen, adobo. But, mind you, theirs is not your typical adobo meal. Served in a heart-shaped plate, the ‘angrydobo’ comes in chicken, short ribs, and sardines did adobo-style—in soy sauce and vinegar. The main dish is also paired with a large bowl of white rice and a choice of vegetable side dish—laing with latik, sitao gising-gising, or sautéed kang-kong.


The restaurant has a playful vibe adorned with love quotes hanging from the ceiling and on the glass panes. The quotes were also printed on the staff’s striped shirts.

On her Instagram account, Judy Ann expressed her gratitude to her husband, Ryan, whom she said, is the most important ingredient of them all. The actress-turned-chef noted that if it were not for Ryan, none of this would have happened.

Featured image: Facebook/Judy Ann Santos PH

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