Julia Barretto Shares Inspiration Behind Her Shop The Juju Club’s 1st Pop-Up Store

Julia Barretto is determined to add “successful entrepreneur” to her list of achievements as she opens her first pop-up store.

Julia Barretto Shares Inspiration Behind Her Shop The Juju Club's 1st Pop-Up Store
Image by Julia Barretto via Facebook

The actress is moving forward with her online accessories shop, The Juju Club, by opening a pop-up store in a mall in Quezon City. In one of her recent vlogs via her Youtube channel, Julia gave her fans a sneak peek into the inspiration, humble beginnings, and the process of their successful launch.

The Juju Club is an expression of Julia’s love for colorful accessories. Barely 6 months since it was launched as an online shop, it has now moved into a physical store. May you be a fashionista at heart or just someone looking for some pieces to pair with your style; the shop has something that you can wear day in and day out.

According to Julia, opening her first pop-up store was a challenging but also exciting experience. “It’s really exciting and also nakaka-overwhelm siya pero all in a good, positive way,” she shared on her vlog.

Julia admitted that, like any budding entrepreneur, she always wished she could own a physical store where she could meet her customers. She shared, “I always dreamt of having a physical store. From launching online, I knew that one day I would physically meet the customers. For the customers to feel ‘The Juju Club’ in real life.”

Julia explained that her motivation to finally open a physical store was the support and feedback she got from their customers. She wanted to provide her customers with more than an online store could.

“We are transitioning from a digital or online platform to a physical store. Personally, I thought it was the time to do this because of the support we were getting from our customers. I also saw the feedback, the reviews, and the positive comments from our customers. I felt it was a very important thing for them to physically see the item, products, and get to try it out,” she said.

Julia Barretto Shares Inspiration Behind Her Shop The Juju Club's 1st Pop-Up Store
Image by Julia Barretto via Facebook

The entrepreneur added that they made sure that their store remained true and consistent with their online branding. Julia said they wanted their store to be fun, colorful, and not intimidating to customers.

In an earlier vlog, Julia opened up the reason why she was inspired to open her own accessories shop. She said her brand truly represents her. She said, “For many years now, I’ve been really thinking about what kind of business I really wanna do, what kind of business will really best represent who I am, and the things I genuinely love and enjoy using and having. With The Juju Club coming out, I feel like that brand represents me as a whole and everything that I love and everything that says ‘Julia.'”

Like Julia, you can also learn how to turn your passion or hobby into a profitable business venture. Then, you can start learning how to start a successful online store before launching a physical store.

You can watch Julia’s vlog about Juju Club’s pop-up store via her Youtube channel:

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