How to Keep a Day Job while Launching a Business

Is it actually possible to keep a full-time job while starting your business?

While most experts would advise you to quit and take a leap of faith, not all aspiring entrepreneurs can give up their nine-to-five jobs. They may be pursuing their dream, supporting a family, paying debts or simply relying on the benefits of their job. Good news is you can still keep a full-time job and be a successful entrepreneur.

day job launching business

But in order to do this, it would take commitment, hard work and a lot of sacrifices. Here are a few tips to maintain your career while building a business empire.

1. Stay positive about your job.

Always consider your job in the right light and don’t view it as a burden. Keep in mind that you chose not to give up your job for the right reasons. Moreover, your job brings you savings that you can use while you get things going in your business. If you focus on the positive effects of keeping your job, you’ll soon experience success in other aspects of your life, particularly your business.

2. Set daily goals.

Juggling your job and business tasks can be quite tedious but setting daily goals will keep you motivated, focused and committed to turning your dreams into a reality. Make day-to-day tasks to build your business. It doesn’t have to be big as long as it’s a measurable action step that will lead you closer to your business goals. In no time, you will start seeing results.

3. Manage your time well.

If you choose to pursue both your career and business venture at the same time, you need to plan your days well. You may need to give up some hobbies and get rid of distractions in order to be productive. Focus on your top priorities.

4. Create a personal vision for your career and business.

Write down what you want in your career and business a year from now. By identifying the details of your goals such as your target monthly sales, number of clients, business activities as well as your career plans, you will be able to make daily choices that will eventually lead to your success.

5. Try outsourcing.

As an entrepreneur who has a full-time job, you need to make the most of every resource and situation that you have. If it’s possible, hire someone who can do the job better and faster so you can make maximize your time and ultimately be more efficient.