Kora Donuts Bring Uniquely Pinoy Flavors to NYC

What do you think of a Halo-halo donut?

Yes, there is a doughnut that tastes exactly like the Filipino favorite snack, Halo-halo. It has brioche, classic Halo-halo mix in, coconut cream, ube glaze, flan, pinipig, banana chip, maraschino cherry, and sago. However, such doughnut can only be found in New York City, through Kora.

Kora is an online-only bakery of a New York-based Filipina, Kimberly Camara. She once had a catering job but lost it due to the pandemic. But she did not allow this setback to stop her from earning a living. In July, she started this donut business which she named after her grandmother Corazon.

Uniquely Filipino flavors

Aside from the Halo-halo doughnuts, Kora also offers champorado-flavored ones. It has brown sugar and chocolate brioche, champorado filling, puffed rice tuile, whipped ganache, cocoa powder, cacao nib, and DIY salted condensed milk drizzle.

Maja Blanca doughnuts, on the other hand, has coconut and fresh corn cream filling, latik or toasted coconut curd, crispy corn tuile, crunchy corn, and corn powder. Other flavors include Itlog na Pula, Leche Flan ni Lola, Ube, and Buko Pandan.

Kimberly shares that she was able to sell about 275 doughnuts regularly in a week. During the last few weeks, her doughnuts were already sold out in less than a minute right after posting the order form.

“Many people are in the middle of filling out the form when we sell out and their orders did not make it through,” she said.

As a result, they opened a waitlist for first-timers and set a limit of 10 doughnuts per customer, in order for other people to experience her Filipino-inspired pastries. Currently, there are 800 customers on her waiting list.

It was also a good thing that she is getting the support that she needs from her loved ones. Her boyfriend is in-charge of deliveries and printing; her mom volunteers to help decorate and pack; while her brother and cousins take charge of the photography.

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