Korean Egg Sandwich, a Hit Business Venture Earning P100K a Month

Have you tried the Korean egg sandwich that is trending on social media? This fluffy and yummy sandwich is the latest business craze that is earning over P100,000 a month.

korean egg sandwich
Image by GMA via Facebook

To find out what the hype is all about, Angel Luck Pedro of Eggluck talks about her egg sandwich business. Angel sweeps the streets of Ilocos Norte using his food jeepney, so many could have a taste of their delicious food. Their bestseller is the Korean egg sandwich, which has a variety of add-on fillings.

This is no ordinary egg sandwich. You can choose from a variety of options: Spam and egg, egg crabs, and more. Their bestseller remains to be the ham and egg crab sandwich, which has crab sticks, ham and nori flakes.

Looking for your niche

Angel shared how they took chances to expand their small-time business. Like any budding entrepreneur, she started selling Korean egg sandwiches from their house. Soon, she opened a food cart until she invested in a food truck. While acquiring a food truck is quite costly, it worked to their benefit as it allowed them access to more locations.

korean egg sandwich
Image by GMA via Facebook

“Nakita namin na wala pang ganitong concept dito sa amin. Nagstart lang kami noong una sa loob ng bahay namin and then food cart. Until nagcome up na kami ng idea na kumuha ng food truck since palipat- lipat kami ng municipality. Medyo nahirapan na po kaming magbitbit ng aming mga gamit,” the businesswoman shared on GMA’s Pera Paraan.

Indeed, Eggluck bought Angel some big luck as they are now earning P20,000 to P25,000 a week. That’s over P100,000 income in a month, more than six-fold their initial capital of P15,000.

Making Korean ham and egg crab sandwich

Making the basic Korean egg sandwich is easy but you also need to be creative. For starters, you need eggs, buns, special eggluck sauce, butter, nori, salt and pepper to taste. You will be needing milk, special eggluck white sauce, ham, caramelized onions, crab sticks and cheese.

korean egg sandwich
Image by GMA via Facebook

Toast the buns in butter in a pan. While doing that, you can start cooking your scrambled egg and fry the ham in separate pans. To make fluffy scrambled eggs, add milk and butter and cook it slowly on low fire. Add chopped crab sticks to the eggs.

Start assembling the sandwich by spreading special sauce on the bun. Start filling the bun with nori, cheese, caramelized onions, ham and the scrambled eggs. Put special white sauce on top and more nori flakes.

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