Kris Bernal Recalls Her First Business And Why She Supports Small Businesses

Business has always been close to Kris Bernal’s heart. Aside from owning several businesses, she even married a businessman, Perry Choi. As a businesswoman herself, Kris Bernal knows the struggles of starting and running a small business. Hence, it’s no wonder that she is very vocal when it comes to supporting other small business owners.

Kris Bernal Recalls Her First Business And Why She Supports Small Businesses
Image by Kris Bernal via Instagram

Recently, Kris revealed that she had relaunched her first business, a burger shop named, Meat Kris. She first opened this way back in 2016, but eventually shut down. Since then, she has ventured into several other businesses.

In an Instagram post, Kris recalled that her first business is special because it paved the way for her to meet her husband. “My very first business venture in 2016, Meat Kris, holds special meaning for me because without it, I never would have met the one for me,” she wrote.

Perry’s family owned the company that became the food supplier for her business. Soon enough, they drew close to each other. And the rest, they say, is history! The couple got married in September 2021.

According to Kris, she was a “one-woman team” when she started her first business. Since then, her business has grown, and she now owns a Korean restaurant named House of Gogi, SHE Cosmetics, and Hosaku Asian Grill.

In an episode of Eat Bulaga’s “Bawal Judgmental,” Kris shared how meticulous she is when it comes to the products she sells. She’s very aware of the basics needed to know if your business idea is great.

“Kasi kapag gumagawa ako ng product, gusto ko parang solution siya to a problem”, she said. [when I have a product, I want it to be a solution to a problem.]

Impressively, Kris has been using her platform and audience to help small businesses during the pandemic. She posts on Instagram about different businesses she wants to advertise for free.

She explained, “I take my support seriously – with setup! Lol! Ang hirap din maging food blogger! Anyway, I do this to match the business owner’s efforts.” [It’s difficult to be a food blogger.]

“The smaller the following, the better. Please don’t get annoyed by me posting foods or whatever! I just wanna help,” she added.

What an impressive way to support other businesses! As they say, you can be a business owner “with a heart” for others. For instance, the owner of the viral grilled balut who decided to close her business to give way to struggling balut vendors.

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