The Talisay tree is a common plant in the Philippines, particularly in places near the sea. But while this is common in many places, one woman found a way to earn money using the leaves of their Talisay tree – and she’s actually earning as much as Php49 for a pack of 10 leaves! Wow.

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Kerwin Anne Reyes had the business idea of selling Talisay leaves after seeing a guy picking up leaves at their yard. She was curious why the guy was picking up those dried leaves; but the guy told her the leaves were great for use in raising betta fish.

Photo credit: GMA News

It turned out that the sun-dried Talisay leaves could help in conditioning the betta fish, with an added effect of making their colors change and be more beautiful.

Photo credit: GMA News

According to Reyes, she also learned that the Talisay leaves are valuable for these hobbyists because these help the fish breed faster.

Photo credit: GMA News

Considering that these beautiful fishes sell for about Php3,000 to Php15,000 each, it is no wonder that many breeders would actually want to breed many at a much quicker rate!

Reyes was quite happy to have found a business that she doesn’t even need to work so hard for. The leaves just fall from the tree at their yard – and these are sun-dried the whole day. All she has to do is pick up the leaves and store these properly, ready for packing each time a customer makes an order.

Photo credit: GMA News

She has also found an online community of betta fish breeders who would readily pay as much as Php49 per pack of Talisay leaves! Since she didn’t really need any capital to start the business, Reyes often gives her customers freebies – and they keep coming back to order her Talisay leaves.

Photo credit: GMA News

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