Lumpia Business That Started From Leftover Food, Now Earns P25K a Month

An entrepreneur shared how she was able to transform her simple side hustle into a full-blown lumpia business.

In the Philippines, there is a saying that “lumpia is life” to show how much Filipinos are crazy over this dish. Crunchy and delicious, it can be eaten as snacks or even as a partner with your rice.

Started from leftovers

Image by Luto Nya via Facebook

Ninya Regio of Lutong Nya admitted that her lumpia business came as an “accident.” Instead of reheating the leftovers she had at home, she decided to turn them into lumpia.

Nya said on GMA’s Pera Paraan, “Accident lang. Marami kasi kaming tirang ulam. May sisig, menudo, giniling. Ang ginawa ko, ngexplore lang ako. Gawin ko kayang lumpia.”

Creativity fueled Nya to start her lumpia business and started selling to her neighbors. For a capital of P500, she made her first batch of lumpia. “Malapit na noon ang Mother’s Day. Sabi ko magbenta kaya ako. Nagsimula ako sa limang packs lang,” she added.

Image by Luto Nya via Facebook

Soon, Nya’s small-time business started gaining loyal customers. For a pack of 10 pieces, the capital is only P100. She sells it for P150. From her P500, her lumpia business is now earning P20,000 to P25,000 a month. Not bad for a side hustle or a home-based business.

Making cheesy lumpia sisig

The cheesy lumpia sisig is so easy to make, anyone can do it at home. First, you need to make a good sisig. For the ingredients, you must have onions, salt and pepper, liver and pork. Boil the pork until tender and airfry after. Saute onions in oil and add the airfried pork. Add in the liver and salt and pepper to taste. Once everything is cooked, set aside until it’s no longer hot.

Once cool, you still have to grind it into a food processor until it becomes as fine as ground pork. Now, you can start wrapping it in a lumpia wrapper. Don’t forget to add a slice of cheese inside. Wrap and fry.

Image by Luto Nya via Facebook

Making four-cheese crab lumpia

Another bestseller is the four cheese crab lumpia. Aside from the crab meat, the four cheeses you need are parmesan, mozzarella, cheddar and cream cheese. You still need the usual ingredients such as onion, salt and pepper. You will also need mayonnaise and oyster sauce.

First, saute the crab meat and onion in oil. Add in oyster sauce, salt and pepper to taste. Remove from heat after 5 minutes. In a bowl, mix the crab meat with the four kinds of cheese including the mayonnaise. Once cool, wrap and fry.

Some tips: First, choose a good-quality wrapper. While wrapping, cover the rest of the wrapper in a wet towel to prevent it from being dry. It can be kept frozen for three months.

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