Lumpia Vendor’s Earnings Makes Guy Want to Shift Careers

We all know the drill: we go to school to get a college degree and become successful in life.

Of course, the reality is not as easy as that because there are lots of challenges that come along the way. Plus, you will eventually realize that earning that much-coveted college degree is no guarantee that you become successful in life and earn a lot of money.

One guy recently shared how a lumpia vendor’s earnings made want to shift careers – and the post would attract a lot of likes on social media.

Jomer Arañas posted a photo of the lumpia vendor he had talked to. Curious as to how many lumpia this man sells, Jomer was surprised when he was told that the guy often brings 600 lumpia to sell – and everything gets sold out quickly. It does not even take him 8 hours to sell all the lumpia to his loyal customers.

With the lumpia being sold at Php20 per 3 pieces, Jomer pointed out that this guy earns a gross income of Php4,000 per day – and that easily translates to Php28,000 per week! Considering this guy probably doesn’t pay taxes like most ambulant vendors, the amount is easily his ‘take home pay’.

Photo credit: Jomer Arañas / Facebook

Considering the big income he projects with the lumpia, Jomer said he’d shift careers and open shops at corporate centers in Makati, BGC, Ortigas, and many other branches. That should earn him millions pretty soon, right?

Of course, netizens pointed out that while this lumpia vendor appears to be so rich that he earns Php28,000 per week, Jomer forgot to factor out the guy’s expenses in making the lumpia and transport or efforts to bring the food to his customers.

Plus, you’ve got to count the hours he spent cooking and preparing the lumpia to his work hours; counting the selling hours is not enough.

Still, one netizen pointed out that even if this lumpia seller spends about 60% to make and sell the lumpia, he still earns 40% of Php4,000 – and that’s still Php1,600 per day or Php11,200 if he sells every day. Each month, he gets a net income of around Php44,800 – now, that’s still much higher than what most people receive in wages!

Joy Adalia
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