Baker Finds Success In Artisan Bakery After Losing Dream Of Working Abroad

As they often say, a failed dream is often just a positive redirection in life. Many successful entrepreneurs have had their dreams dashed, only to find success in another venture. Among them is a baker named Marlo Pimentel Lidot, whose dream of working abroad failed due to the pandemic. Fortunately, he found the silver lining in his misfortune and went on to build a successful online artisan bakery in Cebu.

Baker Finds Success In Artisan Bakery After Losing Dream Of Working Abroad
Image by Artisan Bread Basket Online via Facebook

Unlike commercial bread, artisanal bread is made using traditional methods and natural ingredients. It also takes longer to make and can’t be made in large quantities. Because of the baker’s special skills and the natural and high-quality ingredients used, they are far more expensive than regular bread in the market.

Marlo’s artisanal bread went viral on social media for its creative and intricate designs. His bread has been turned into a canvas to create portraits of famous personalities, such as former President Rodrigo Duterte, former Vice President Leni Robredo, current Vice President Sara Duterte, and many more. He also makes stunning artworks such as The Last Supper, Titanic’s Jack and Rose iconic scene, and so much more. You can also have your own custom bread upon request. Depending on details like design, size, and type, these artisan loaves can cost around P1,000.

Marlo recalled in an article on Pep that he was about to fly to the Maldives to work when the pandemic struck, and his dream vanished. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, this motivated Marlo to continue his passion for baking. He posted his masterpieces online to also inspire other bakers to continue despite the challenges of the pandemic.

“Despite the pandemic, I became more positive and determined to bake, hoping to inspire all Filipinos and Cebuanos, especially my fellow bakers, to keep going and stay strong,” he said.

His baked goods became popular special gifts after they went viral online. Marlo recalled, “When I posted it on my LinkedIn account, I couldn’t believe it; they really appreciated and cheered for my work.”

In another article by One News PH, Marlo describes how he first started his company as a one-man team. “It was all me. I was the one who did the costing, marketing, as well as selling. I was stressed at that time, but I genuinely enjoyed what I was doing,” he said.

Although the pandemic was a difficult time, it inspired many to work hard and forge their own paths to success. The couple who started “Bang Bang Bangus” had to close their events company, but they now run a successful business. If you’re a first-time entrepreneur, it’s important to not let setbacks discourage you. Keep learning tips to make your business successful and be open to any opportunities that may come your way. Good luck!

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