Man Who Couldn’t Afford College, Now Owns Big Lechon Manok Franchise Business

A man who was born to an impoverished family and couldn’t afford to pay for college became a successful entrepreneur. Lembert Benedicto of Lembest Lechon Manok, Liempo and Sisig shared how he went from nearly nothing to a big-time entrepreneur.

lembest lechon manok
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The inspiring story of Lembert shows that sometimes being a successful entrepreneur doesn’t always require a college diploma. There have been many notable businessmen whose entrepreneurial success can be credited to grit and determination.

In almost every corner of the streets in the Philippines, you can see a stall of lechon manok and liempo. While the competition is tough, Lembest has found its way to a huge number of avid customers. While roasting lechon manok and liempo may be quite easy, its owner researched and observed to make it among the best.

lembest lechon manok
Image by Lembest Lechon Manok via Facebook

Humble dreams

Lembert admitted that his lechon manok business was built from a childhood dream. Growing up in a huge family, life was difficult and they very seldom eat delicious foods. So, when Lembert finally got a taste of a lechon manok, he wished to someday make a living out of it.

“Sabi ko, balang araw pagsasawaan ko rin yung lechon manok,” he said on ABS-CBN’s My Puhunan.

Lembert wasn’t able to reach college and stopped studying when he graduated high school. He was fortunate to still land a job as a collection officer and started to save for a business capital. He soon chose to build a lechon manok business because it was easier to manage than others.

“Madali siyang imanage, dalawa lang ang lulutuin mo. Lechon manok lang at liempo,” the businessman explained.

Lembest Lechon Manok, Liempo at Sisig

Lembert said everything was a “trial and error” for him because he didn’t have any knowledge about business. He didn’t even have a topnotch lechon recipe in the beginning. The determined entrepreneur said he single-handedly tried what works and doesn’t. Lembert soon realized how to make his product different from many others.

lembest lechon manok
Image by Lembest Lechon Manok via Facebook

“Napansin ko ang iba ang balat lang ang may lasa, ang loob ng lechon manok ay wala,” Lembert said.

Soon, Lembest was patronized for their delicious and tasty lechon manok and liempo. To be more creative, they also offered liempo sisig and lechon manok sisig that others do not offer.

Through word of mouth, Lambest became widely popular. Lembert is proud that they now have more than 100 branches of Lembest all over the Philippines. Seventy percent are franchisees while the remaining 30 percent are company-owned.

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