Market Woes and Mental Health: How BetterHelp Can Address Market Fluctuations

Tracking investments and returns through a volatile market is not an easy job, whether you’re doing it professionally or just trying to make sense of your own finances. The risk and uncertainty that plays such a major role in investing is a huge cause of stress and anxiety for many, and this can quickly lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. The stress, pressure, and high stakes of predicting what will come next in terms of market fluctuation can cause a lot of problems for your mental health.

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But why does a fluctuating or unpredictable market contribute to your mental health? Why do people react that way? And what can be done to help it? Here, these questions (and more) will be answered.

Understand Why it Happens

For many people, uncertainty coupled with risks or high stakes leads to anxiety. While there are many different causes for anxiety, the stress caused by being unable to predict what the future holds is a key factor for many cases. If you’re working in a job or relying on an income that is directly impacted by fluctuating markets, you’re almost certainly exposed to the kinds of risks, stressors, and uncertainties that are likely to trigger anxiety. If that’s the situation that you find yourself in, then it’s important to know and recognize the signs and symptoms of anxiety in your life.

It’s also important to note the situations and factors that might be contributing to your anxiety. Of course, while unpredictable and fluctuating economic conditions can play a big role in anxiety for many people in the business world, there may be more underneath the surface. Take a hard and honest look at how you think about and react to stressors at work or in a business or economic setting. Then, look at those same actions and behaviors in other areas of your life, such as in your home life or social life outside of work. Your reactions to stressors will point the way to what is causing anxiety in your life, and this can give some helpful insight when it comes to treating anxiety with help from a professional.

Understand How to Help It

Treating anxiety is a process; it can’t be fixed overnight. However, there are many different ways that you can start to tackle anxiety, even in your office chair!

For most cases of anxiety, practicing calming and mindfulness techniques can help reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety, such as rapid heart rate and shallow breathing. Start by taking deep, consistent breaths. Focus as you feel your heart rate decreasing, and relax the muscles in your neck, shoulders, and jaw. These first steps can help not only your physical health, but also bring your overall anxiety level down. You can do these simple exercises throughout the day to help you gauge and manage anxiety levels as you address unpredictable and risky economic decisions.

Of course, these little exercises are just the start. When you work with a counselor or therapist, you’ll be able to address more than just the physical symptoms of anxiety: you’ll be able to dig deeper into the underlying causes and problems that cause the anxiety in the first place. Many counselors and therapists use cognitive behavioral therapy to help you understand the close links between your thought patterns and your behavior. In this way, they hope to help you modify your thinking processes so that you can also change your attitude and behavior patterns.

While there is no quick fix for anxiety, there are plenty of ways to start getting rid of anxiety right where you are. Getting help from a qualified and certified mental health specialist will enable you to get to the crux of the issue instead of just treating symptoms. So, with the help of a counselor or therapist, you can overcome anxiety and pull it out of your life from the roots!

Understand Where to Get Help

Like most problems faced by society, plenty of groundbreaking approaches have been developed to deal with anxiety. These days, you can get counseling and therapy for anxiety with BetterHelp, from the comfort of your own home. BetterHelp’s online therapy and counseling is a great option if you want to get fully certified mental health consultation while also saving time, money, and peace of mind. For more on the history and qualifications of the company, check out their page:

All of BetterHelp’s therapists and counselors are fully qualified and certified to offer top-notch treatment. In addition, the therapists and counselors come from many different backgrounds, including in the business sector. This means that you can expect your therapist to understand your experiences easily and effectively. Plus, BetterHelp offers mental health services at an affordable and competitive rate. Since there’s no therapist’s office, the overhead for the service is reduced, and these savings get passed on to you.

The best part of doing therapy or counseling online with BetterHelp is that you can do it from wherever you have internet access. This means that your treatment happens on your own terms. Plus, with one of the several 24/7 plans available, you can talk with a counselor or therapist whenever is right for you. Despite your busy (and often unpredictable) schedule, you’ll be able to talk with a mental health specialist when you need it most.


The fast pace and unpredictability of the business world has the huge potential to lead to mental health issues, especially anxiety. By understanding the underlying causes, learning about the treatment of anxiety, and exploring your options for getting help, you can overcome the anxiety that is cause by the stress of a fluctuating market. The best part is that BetterHelp can play a key role in this journey!

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