Mayor Isko Says Business Permit to Be Released in One Day, First One Released in 1 Hour

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has been making waves online for the many improvements and changes he has made to the city even in the first few days of his term as city mayor of the country’s capital. But aside from cleaning out the city, literally, the young mayor was also hailed for improving services at the city hall.

One of the major improvements that Moreno made in the city is the great reduction of the length of processing time that businesses have to take just to get a business permit. Instead of the previous eleven steps and eleven windows that businesses have to go through to secure the necessary permits to operate, these had been reduced to three steps in just one window.

Photo credit: Bureau of Permits Manila / Facebook

Dati 11 steps, 11 windows, tama? Thirty days na, wala pa permit mo. Bayad ka na, wala pa permit mo,” Moreno told the crowd and business community during the Rotary Club of Bagumbayan-Manila Rotary Club of Bagumbayan-Manila.

Sa Lunes, dahil pinirmahan ko na EO No. 8—ang business permit: 3 steps in one window, in one day.

Photo credit: Bureau of Permits Manila / Facebook

True to his word, the mayor would soon launch the “Business One-Stop Shop” or simply called “BOSS” to fast track the services offered by the city hall for the issuance of business permits.

Amazingly, the one-stop shop was able to deliver as promised. In fact, its first customer did not just get his business permit in one day, he actually got it in less than 1 hour! Wow.

On its official Facebook page, Bureau of Permits Manila shared a photo of its first customer, Mr. Lee who is into the business of Retail Agricultural Products. Mr. Lee arrived inside BOSS at 10:57AM and was able to get his permit at 11:45AM.

What are the Requirements for Business Permits in Manila?

Here are the requirements you need to prepare if you are processing your business permit in Manila. Make sure to bring all the necessary papers to ensure fast transaction of your permit:

Requirements for New Business Permit

  • Completely filled-up Application form for New Business (2 copies, Notarized)
  • Original Barangay Business Clearance
  • DTI Registration (Single Proprietor)
  • SEC Registration (Corporation)
  • Lessor’s Permit (If Renting)
  • Tax Declaration of Property (If Owned)
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • SPA for Authorized Representatives with I.D.

Requirements for Renewal of Business Permit

  • Completely filled-up Application form for Renewal of Business (2 copies)
  • Original Barangay Business Clearance
  • Xerox Copy of previous Business Permit and Receipt
  • Audited Financial Statement and/or Monthly or Quarterly VAT Returns
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • SPA for Authorized Representatives with I.D.

Requirements for Mayor’s Permit (Occupational/Working Permit)

Photocopies of:

  • Health Card issued by the Manila Health Department (MHD)
  • Police Clearance issued by the Manila Police District (MPD)
  • Cedula for the current year
  • 1 Government issued valid I.D.
  • 1 pc. 1 x 1 I.D. picture


  • Original Parental Consent with Photocopy of Parent’s Valid I.D.
  • Original Affidavit of Guardianship with Guardian’s Valid I.D.
  • Official Receipt for the Mayor’s Permit Fee

New Applicant: Php235.00

Renewal: Php235.00 (+ Penalty Fee)

Additional: Php115.00

Joy Adalia
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