Mom 35K Business Investment Returns in Less Than a Month

Nowadays, a monthly salary may not be enough to make ends meet for a family. A lot of us are looking for a business idea. But, sometimes, we look too far and do not realize that we already have what we need.

Take a cue from this mom who tapped into her hobby and is now earning from it. Kessa Thea ‘KT’ Nielsen is a 38-year-old mom who resigned from her corporate job five years ago after giving birth to daughter, Viktoria Summer.

Back then, she pursued blogging, calligraphy, and graphic design.

KT Paper Design

Image: Facebook/KT Paper Design

“I’ve always considered myself a creative person. But my creative business only started this year. It was just a hobby, but as I shared my photos online, I began to receive inquiries and orders,” KT shares.

She began receiving inquiries and orders online for personalized items such as mugs, water bottles, jars, and many more.

And the business started

Since her personalized items was a huge hit, she decided to buy machines and materials. KT said that she spent around P35,000. “This is assuming that you already have a computer, tablet, or mobile phone,” she adds.

She bought a computer-controlled cutting machine designed for home crafters, which costs around P25,000. In addition, she also invested in an inkjet printer and various materials such as vinyl, cardstocks, sticker papers, cardboard, which amounted to P10,000.

Though she was still setting up her business, she was able to recover her initial investment under a month of operation.

Then, the pandemic began.

KT’s were among the business whose operations were hampered by the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

“My business is practically halted. I have several boxes of products ready to be personalized, as soon as the time is right. Delivery is a challenge since my products are considered not essential,” she shares.

However, the pause gave her time to bond with her daughter.

KT Paper Designs

Image: Facebook/KT Paper Design

“For the time being, my single, most discerning, and sometimes demanding client is my daughter. She requests that we make stuff she can use for her playtime like little village houses or lanterns that light up and flicker when the living room light is off. I also make cards and intricate mandala designs, among other things,” KT says.

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